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[DID NOT ATTEND: March 12 & March 13, 2023] Maya Hawke / Raaaatscraps / Raffaella

My daughter loves Maya Hawke.  I’m sure much of this comes from Stranger Things (which she also loves), but there’s more.  She really likes her music.

When Hawke announced a tour, I wanted to get tickets for her pretty badly.  I was shocked that the only close dates were in Brooklyn.  I was willing to take her there because I had taken her brother to Brooklyn for a show.

I tried to get tickets, but they sold out instantly.

My daughter was pretty bummed, but she understood.  And frankly I’d be really surprised if Hawke didn’t do a larger tour too.

There were two dates with a different opening act on each night.


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[ATTENDED: March 1, 2022] Dazey and the Scouts 

I had never heard of Dazey and the Scouts when my son said he wanted to go to their only show.

I did some research, found out that they’d been a band about five years ago. They were from Boston.  They put out a short record called Maggot and then broke up.

Sometime about two years ago, their songs were discovered by the TikTok users and Dazey had a huge (in terms of their band) resurgence of popularity–presumably more than they had initially.

My understanding is that the song “Sweet Cis Teen” was what really went big online.  Dazey and the Scouts are a queer band, and they sing about sex.  “Wet” is pretty funny and explicit.  And “James Deen” was a porn star who was later accused of rape and sexual assault. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: March 1, 2022] Model/Actriz 

I hadn’t heard of this band.  I looked  them up online and listened to the first song that came on and didn’t think that much of it–a kind of aggro dance-punk with a spoken lyric delivery.

When I saw the lineup, I wished that Model/Actriz went on first so I wouldn’t miss any Gully Boys.

But then Model/Actriz came out.  [The really cool thing about Elsewhere was that they posted the time the bands were scheduled to go on, so you could adjust your purchases accordingly.  They also had this really cool wristband that somehow connected to your credit card–you were only allowed to use the wristband to buy things at the bar.  High tech!] (more…)

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[ATTENDED: March 1, 2022] Gully Boys 

I had been hearing rumblings about Gully Boys once Get Better Records signed them.  I checked out their songs online and loved them.  They have a fantastic angry 90s’ al rock vibe combined with sensational harmonies.

The band has three fantastic singers.  And n top of that, they write wonderfully catchy songs.

We arrived in Brooklyn with enough time to get some delicious food at a taco truck.  But we decided to wait on line for Dazey merch and that’s when Gully Boys came out.  So we could hear them fine, I just couldn’t really focus on them.

They sounded great–Elsewhere’s sound system is top notch.

Gully Boys started as a trio.  Drummer Nadirah McGill told us that they started a band and didn’t know how to play anything. They learned together.  That was five years ago.  I can’t believe they are this good in that short period of time.  She sang a lot of backing vocals, but also took lead on “Like Me Now.”  It was really fun watching her dreadlocks fly around while she played. (more…)

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[CANCELLED: June 3-6, 2020] Tanya Tagaq

indexI saw Tanya Tagaq back in 2017 and her show was mind blowing.  I definitely want to see her again.

This new show is based on her novel Split Tooth. I read an excerpt of it and it was really compelling.  The show was described as

an extraordinary union of Tagaq’s improvised musical performances and best-selling debut novel, created in collaboration with director Kaneza Schaal and visual artist Christopher Myers. Featuring the world’s first-ever Inuit throat singing choir featuring all-Inuit performers, this theatrical adaptation comes to life through Tagaq’s incisive voice and words. Art and action unite in a radical vision of Arctic Futurism—a conversation with the myths that have made us and the myths we have yet to write.

That sounds incredible.

I’ve never gone to Brooklyn for a show and it was highly unlikely that I would go to this one, even though i really wanted to.  BAM cancelled their entire season though, so maybe when it gets rescheduled she’ll come closer to me.

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[LISTENED TO: August 2019] The Schwa Was Here

I know about Neal Shusterman because Sarah really loved his Arc of a Scythe series.  I love the cover design of that series, but I haven’t read the books (yet).

I was looking for audio books for our summer vacation and found that Shusterman had written a lot of books before the series.  Including this one, The Schwa Was Here.

I have always loved the word “schwa.”  I never full understood it I just knew it was represented by the upside down e [like this: ǝ].  The epigram of the book actually explains a schwa pretty well.  So here’s the simple version:

The schwa sound is the most common vowel sound. A schwa sound occurs when a vowel does not make its long or short vowel sound.

I also had no idea that this was part a series until I looked it up.  The series is called the Antsy Bonano Novels.  Now I ‘m curious to see where this series goes.

I loved the audio book because Shusterman reads it in his greatest Brooklyn accent. And while the characters aren’t thoroughly diverse is voice, they are diverse enough to keep the characters straight.  But his accent is awesome.  And it’s relevant because Antsy is a Brooklyn boy through and through and he addresses the way they talk.

As soon as his brother says a bad word, their mother “hauls off and whacks him on the head in her own special way… ‘You watch your mout!’  Mom says ‘mout’ not ‘mouth.’  We got a problem here with the ‘th’ sound.”

They also have problems with vowels.  He is Anthony, but known as Antny (which became Antsy).  And, his family are Catlick. (more…)

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