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[POSTPONED: June 8, 2020] EOB

indexI used to be the kind of fan who would listen to anything that a band member released (blame Kiss for that four solo albums stunt back in the 70s).

But not every solo project is worthwhile.  And some of these solo shows are even more heavily attended than the main band.

So I didn’t really need to see Thom Yorke on his solo outings.  But the new EOB album sounds really good (from what I’ve heard of it).  I’d be curious to see what the third best known member of Radiohead was like live.  I’m not certain I was going to go to this, but it was certainly intriguing.

I do hope the tour gets rescheduled.


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[POSTPONED: May 14, 2020] Diet Cig / Sad13 / Thin Lips [moved to November 4, First Unitarian Church]

indexI have wanted to see Diet Cig ever since I saw them on a Tiny Desk Concert–they are a bundle of energy and the duo play super catchy pop punk.  I wanted to see them before they lost their energy.

I missed them the first time they came around and last time around they played at the First Unitarian Church, a venue I dislike.  So when they announced this show at Union Transfer I was so excited.  This cancellation was a major bummer for me.

Especially since now that they rescheduled it is apparently being moved to the Church again (does this mean sales are really poor?)

Sad13 is the solo moniker of Sadie Dupuis the singer of Speedy Ortiz.  They were wonderful live (and I was right in front of Sadie to watch her terrific guitar work).  I don’t really know much about the Sad13 songs but I assume they will be great if she is behind them.

I saw Thin Lips at the Philly Music Fest and they were absolutely fantastic.  I loved them and was looking forward to seeing them again.  They play catchy pop punk with pointed lyrics.  Outstanding.

So, I sure hope all three can come around for the postponed date (and I hope it sells better and has to get moved out of the Church into a bigger venue).

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[POSTPONED: May 8, 2020] The Tallest Man on Earth / Courtney Marie Andrews [moved to March 6, 2021]

indexI have wanted to see The Tallest Man on Earth for a few years and things always seem to come up to cancel my opportunity.

In 2018 I had a ticket to see him, but then a camping trip came up.

In 2019, he had to cancel his tour for the first time because of a personal crisis.

And now this.

This show was awkwardly timed to be on a very important person’s birthday, but I was hoping that the family would forgive me if I ducked out to see Kristian Matsson finally.

Courtney Marie Andrews was on my bad list because she put out her last album right around the time that Courtney Barnett put out her last album, so whenever the DJ would say Courtney I was excited until they followed it with Marie.

Courtney Marie is a folk singer who veers too far into the country lanes for my liking.  Although I did find that she had a powerful voice, which goes a long way.

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[POSTPONED: August 27, 2020] Joywave

indexI don’t know all that much about Joywave, but Union Transfer hyped this show a lot, which made me very curious about them.

For some reason I thought they were European, but they are from Rochester, New York.

They’ve been around since 2010 and apparently have had some buzz around them.  Their music is kind of alt-rock with a lot of synth.  I’m not sure I would have gone (so many other shows that night) but this postponement gives me more time to check them out.

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[POSTPONED: CANCELLED: April 22, 2020] Real Estate / Palm

indexI saw Real Estate open for Belle and Sebastian five years ago.  I enjoyed their mellow set and found them very pleasant.

Seeing as how they are from Ridgewood, NJ (about five minutes from where I grew up), I feel like I should like them so much more.

Mostly I like their sound in small doses–it’s a little too mellow for me.  But i do enjoy them.

Mostly, though, I was going to go to this show for openers Palm.  I have seen Palm twice, both times in small venues.  I would have liked to see them on a larger stage (although I can’t imagine a less comparable band for them to play with than Real Estate.

Whereas Real Estate plays pretty songs, Palm plays chaotic, untethered, truly original songs.  They are magnificent and I love watching them play their bizarre songs.

There aren’t too many bands where I’ve thought “I need to see them a lot more,” but Palm is one of those bands.

This show was postponed, although I am really not sure if Palm will be with then when it gets rescheduled.  We’ll see.

UPDATE: On May 19 the band formally cancelled the show/tour

With all of the uncertainty about when we’ll be able to play live shows again, we have no choice but to formally cancel all of our announced headline shows including the previously postponed dates.

Please know that this is devastating for us on every level, but we have no doubt that it is the right decision to make.

Stay strong everyone, we will be back!

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[CANCELLED: April 19, 2020] Jens Lekman

indexI have really enjoyed Jens Lekman over the years. His Tiny Desk Concert is tremendous.  He was even the subject of a request in an episode of Every Little Thing, a podcast that S and I really like.  (A caller could not get a fragment of a song out of his head and it was one of Lekman’s).

I have been wanting to see him live for years (he last came around in 2017, but I missed it).  But this night is a special person’s birthday so there was no way I was going to go out.

Lekman has cancelled his entire tour, but I have to assume he’ll be back soon.  And I hope it won’t be on another birthday.

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[POSTPONED: April 14, 2020] Waxahatchee / OHMME [moved to October 5]

indexI’ve seen Waxahatchee twice–once with a full band and once solo.  I like her, although I wasn’t sure I wanted to see her again.  She has a new album out and I’ve heard it’s much more mellow than her last couple, so that doesn’t really appeal to me.

However, Ohmme is phenomenal live.  I saw them open for Jeff Tweedy and I have wanted to see them again.  I’d prefer a headlining show (but I seem to keep missing out on those).  However, this would have been a solid double bill.


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[POSTPONED: April 6, 2020] Caspian / Pianos Become the Teeth / Maserati

indexMy friends Liz and Eleanor have told me that Caspian was one of the best shows that they had seen.  I have been planning to see them ever since.  Because of the trip scheduled for this weekend, I’m not sure I would have been up for going, but I would have loved to.

I thought I knew who Pianos Become the Teeth were, but I was thinking of Roomful of Teeth an apparently very different band.  Given Pianos become the teeth’s comparisons to Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, I think I’d like them.

Maserati has been around since 2000 and also get compared to EITS and Mogwai.  I’ll be I would have loved this whole night.  I hope the show gets rescheduled as is on a night I can go.



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[POSTPONED: April 4, 2020] Deafheaven / Inter Arma / Greet Death

indexI liked Deafheaven’s Sunbather album for its fascianting mix of death metal and shoegaze. I haven’t heard anything from their two new albums, although I have heard very good things about them.

I wasn’t sure if I’d want to go to this show as it might be too intense.  But I had it on my radar.

However, I already had tickets to see Parquet Courts this evening, so it was unlikely I was going to this show.

I had read some really positive reviews about Inter Arma which had me interested in seeing them live.  I mean, if you write “proggy organic doom fields while expanding further the on the psych-folk strain” that sounds pretty awesome, but when I listened to whatever their latest record was, I didn’t really like it.  It just seemed extreme with no subtlety.

Greet Death I assume is named after the Mogwai song, which is promising.  This glowing review of their new album New Hell certainly makes me want to check them out

Greet Death’s shoegazey slowcore resembles a number of pleasing touchstones — Red House Painters, Nothing, Hum, Pedro The Lion, Dinosaur Jr., Thunder Dreamer; a few of Sam Boyhtari’s vocal runs even remind me of Dan Bejar — yet in practice they are entirely their own thing, and that thing is extremely good. These nine songs are mostly mammoth waves of sonic sludge, thick with musical texture and brimming with an energy that belies the measured pace. At its best, as one the nine-minute epic “You’re Gonna Hate What You’ve Done,” their music feels like being crushed by an avalanche while simultaneously soaring across the skyline.

Maybe this would have been the better show that night?


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[POSTPONED: CANCELLED: April 2, 2020] Pussy Riot / Deli Girls

indexPussy Riot are legendary for getting arrested for singing feminist punk in Russia.

Pussy Riot’s membership is a revolving door of anonymous women, so who knows who was going to appear on stage.  And, yes, I don’t really know all that much about their music.  I just figured it was going to be a fun show.  I hope they can come back around.

I’ve never heard of Deli Girls but a review from Fader makes them sound pretty exciting

At shows, the crowd gathers around Danny Orlowski as they strut and thrash around the room, displaying their rage and vulnerability with an ugly, commanding sincerity. Tommi Kelly, meanwhile, crouches in the background over drum machines and sequencers, turning vocal samples, barking dogs, and a grab-bag of other percussive noises into a feedback-scorched blend of industrial, hardcore, and pop. It feels both brand new and ecstatically familiar, as if the ’98 Family Values Tour just crash-landed in the basement of your local punk house.

Yeah, I’d see that.  Hope they get paired up when the tour comes back.

UPDATE: On May 19, the band announced the cancellation of their tour

So sad to announce that the 2020 Pussy Riot North American tour will be canceled.  With so much uncertainty right now, it would be impossible to perform while also ensuring the health and safety of you beautiful people.  That is my number one priority.  I wanted more than anythingggg to bring everyone together to rage and rally.  But I am hopeful we will do so again.



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