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[CANCELLED: May 9, 2023] Belle and Sebastian 

Last year we had to miss the Belle and Sebastian show because of my daughter’s graduation.

I didn’t expect them to announce another tour so quickly (or to release another album so quickly).

But the chance to see them in a relatively small space like White Eagle Hall was pretty exciting.

Then on January 24, we got this message

Unfortunately Belle and Sebastian’s show at White Eagle Hall has been canceled. Tickets will be refunded as soon as possible, please see below for a statement from the band: (more…)

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[CANCELLED: April 22, 2023] Dead Can Dance 

Dead Can Dance plan a U.S tour (their first in a long time) in 2020. It was postponed to 2021 an ultimately cancelled.

I was pretty happy when they announced another attempt.  And so, in June of 2022, a mere ten months before the show, I bought myself a ticket.

Then on September 6, 2022 we received notice that this concert was going to be cancelled as well.  That’s 7 months notice.

“With sadness and regret we have to cancel the upcoming live concerts in Europe and North America due to health reasons,” the band wrote in a statement. “Thank you to our loyal fans for your support. Please contact point of purchase for refunds.” No further details have been offered at this time.

The 2023 trek was set to be their first tour through North America in a decade.

There’s no word from the band since then.  I wonder if everything is okay there.


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[CANCELLED: October 24, 2022] METZ / Spiritual Cramp

I saw METZ open for Modest Mouse four years ago and my ears might still be ringing.  I knew of Metz from their noise filled chaotic but amazing albums.

Their live show was less about the abrasiveness and more about their intense stage presence.  I knew I wanted to see them headline a show.

I was unable to see them on their headline tour last year.  But I was pretty excited for this year’s 10 year anniversary tour.  But then, sort of out of the blue it was announced that they’d cancelled the fall leg of their tour (all of October).  There’s still no word on what happened [UPDATE: they did play the December shows, so, maybe they didn’t want to be on the east coast for Halloween).  No word yet on a rescheduled date.

Spiritual Cramp are a San Francisco punk band in the old school Ramonesy fashion.  Simple clean and fast with a singer who kind of blurts out the words.  They’re kind of refreshing, frankly.

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[CANCELLED: October 16, 2022] Yard Act / Gustaf

Yard Act are from that peculiar line of art punk that features noisy guitars and a lead vocalist who mostly speaks/yells/gripes.  Sometimes a little of that goes a long way and sometimes it works really well.

I actually didn’t know them all that well.  Although I know some people who hate them passionately–probably because they are much heralded.

At any rate, I was far more interested in seeing Gustaf who I saw open for Idles last year.  They were weird and artsy and amazing live and I need to see them again.  It seemed like a great opportunity to see what Yard Act was all about at the same time.

Then all of a sudden the show was cancelled.

I actually posted on the Gustaf Instagram to discover that Yard Act had been invited to appear at the Mercury Prize Awards on the 18th.  So we lost out on the show.  Good for them.  Bad for us.

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[CANCELLED: October 10, 2022] Avalanches / Klangstof [rescheduled from February 19, 2022]

Avalanches debut album, the sample abundant Since I Left You, a fun, left-field rocker that was full of so many samples it was impossible to keep track of them.

It took them something like 16 years to make a second album and I didn’t listen to it.  Or the one they made more recently.  That’s probably not the best attitude for going into a show.  Especially since, as with a lot of electronic based music I wasn’t sure if I necessarily wanted to see them live, but this seemed like a rare and fun opportunity to experience their sampling and beats in a big setting.

Reviews for the tour were pretty positive and then on October 1:

“Unfortunately due to serious illness, we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel our remaining US and Canadian shows to return home,” their post reads. “Thank you to everyone who has made this tour so joyous, and apologies to everyone who had tickets for the remaining shows. All ticket holders will be contacted directly with refund details. Thank you.”

Originally, the Avalanches’ 2022 tour was scheduled to take place in February and March of this year before being postponed due to “due to ongoing personal health issues.”

So that was a bummer.  There were only eight dates remaining in the United States and Canada.

Klangstof is a Dutch indie rock band composed of Koen van de Wardt, Wannes Salome and Erik Buschmann.  They are surprisingly more mellow than I would have guessed.  They feel like the kind of band that sits quietly in a room and hopes you come over to listen.  And when you do you’ll be impressed.  I assume this might translate to a live setting as well.


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[CANCELLED: September 23, 2022] Spiritualized

I wasn’t planning on going to this show in Jersey City (I was going to Union Transfer) because this show was on the same night at the Saucerful of Secrets show.

However, it was worth noting that this show was cancelled too

Spiritualized have canceled tonight’s show at Jersey City’s White Eagle Hall. No explanation has been given, but Thursday night’s show at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer was also canceled — less than an hour before it was supposed to start — and the venue sent messages to ticket holders, writing, “We are incredibly sorry but tonight’s Spiritualized show will NOT take place tonight. There is an medical emergency w/ a member of the touring party. We’ll send out more details asap but tonight’s show is 100% not happening. – UT”

We don’t know who that member of the touring party is but we’re hoping everyone is ok.

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[CANCELLED: September 23, 2022] Andrew W.K./Uncle Dan [moved from September 24, 2021]

Andrew W.K. had this show rescheduled pretty quickly after cancelling his 2021 tour.

But then it was also cancelled.  I don’t really keep up with his goings on, but as far as I can tell he has maintained complete media silence.  No idea what’s going on with the guy.  Hope all is well and that he and his new wife and baby are doing well.


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[CANCELLED: September, 22, 2022] Spiritualized

I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to see Spiritualized live.  I really like their album Ladies and gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.  But I wasn’t sure how well they would translate live.  But I read some rave reviews of their live show, so I grabbed a ticket.

But it turned out that on that night Kathleen Edwards was playing at SOPAC.  I had seen her recently, but I had purchased two SOPAC tickets for my wife and I to see her, so Kathleen won out.

Interestingly, at 12:30 this afternoon, Union Transfer sent is this message

Hello! Thank you for purchasing a ticket to see Spiritualized this evening. We want to send this quick heads up, the band will go on right at 8pm and will finish just before 10pm. No opener this evening. One long set.

An hour before showtime, however, the show was cancelled because of a “medical emergency.”  They also cancelled the final two shows of the tour (in New Jersey and New York).

So I made the right choice–I would have been really mad to find out that while I Was driving to Philly, the show was cancelled and I therefore missed both shows.

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[CANCELLED: July 28, 2022] Courtney Barnett / Lucy Dacus / Samia

My wife and I were pretty excited about this show,  We’ve had tickets to see Courtney Barnett a couple of times recently and they’ve all been cancelled.  We have seen her before and she is great live.  So this–a small stage outside on a lovely summer night–sounded amazing.

Add in Lucy Dacus who I have seen a number of times and my wife has seen once, and it was a great night.

Opening for the pair was Samia, a singer I don’t know, but whose name I have heard a lot.

It’s fair to say I don’t love The Mann Center.  The venue itself is amazing, but the whole getting there and parking scene is dreadful.  And so it was tonight as we arrived on time, but by the time we parked, the Samia set was in full swing.  As we were walking to the entrance, we heard her play “Stacy’s Mom,” which was her last song.

And since someone has done the dirty work for me, I’ll let Rocking the Burbs give the report:

As Lucy Dacus’ 7:30pm set time approached, workers began covering up equipment with tarps and plastic on the stage. Shortly after, it was announced that everyone should take shelter in the TD Pavilion to ride out the impending storm. Over an hour later, the rain and lightning finally arrived – at that point, most felt confident that the show would eventually re-start albeit with shortened set durations. The rain finally did stop, but Dacus’ gear was drenched in the process – the announcement came at 9:30 that the show was cancelled. Well, that was unexpected.

It certainly sucked that we waited that long to find out that it was cancelled.  At that point even if it had gone on, how late would we have been there?  We probably should have just left.  But whatever.

The craziest thing is that we were going to look at merch but decided to wait a little while.  We decided to look just as we were ushered under the Pavilion.

It was an unforgettable night, to be sure.

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[CANCELLED: May 27, 2022] Afghan Whigs : Free at Noon

indexI love The Afghan Whigs’ album Gentlemen.  I should love more by them, but I like them just fine (never been in the cult of Dulli).  I’ve never really been interested in seeing them live.  But a Free at Noon is a great way to get a thirty or so minute show without committing to an evening out.

I grabbe a ticket for this show, but on the Wednesday before the show, a member of the band tested positive for COVID and they cancelled the appearance.

They had a show planned that night for New York (he last of the tour), so there was no point in them sticking around.

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