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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 19, 2022] Fruit Bats / H.C. McEntire

Exactly one year ago to the day, Fruit Bats played Philadelphia.  My wife really liked the song that was on the radio, so when the show was announced I grabbed us tickets.   We never listened to anything else by them, and when the night of the show came up, we had other things to do, so we didn’t go.

It’s a year later.  I don’t even know if they have new music out.  Suffice to say we didn’t plan to go.

H.C. McEntire is from North Carolina.  She plays piano and sounds (at least on “Rows of Clover” remarkably like Tori Amos (with more of a southern accent).  On another song she sounds less like Tori and more Southern.  I probably would have enjoyed her as an opening act.

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[DID NOT ATTEND: March 31, 2023] Cosmic Guilt / Garcia Peoples

This missed show continues my streak of not going to Brooklyn Bowl.  I has nothing to do with the venue. It’s right next to venues that I have been next to many times.  Something always seems to come up with shows here.

Although what came up with this show is that I don’t really like the headliner.

The show came to my attention because Garcia Peoples were playing.  Shockingly for me, Garcia Peoples were opening for Cosmic Guilt.

Although with a very minimal amount of digging I have now learned that Cosmic Guilt were formed by the former lead guitar player for Low Cut Connie and are based in Fishtown.  So yes, this is a hometown show with a popular home town dude.

I happen to not really like Low Cut Connie, so it’s probably not surprising that I feel the same about Cosmic Guilt.  I find some of what they do to be good, but overall, it’s not quite right for me, despite their billing as “a ten-piece, psych-tinged, heavily fringed folk outfit.”

I love Garcia Peoples, but I wouldn’t see them open for a band I don’t really like especially since they tour all the time and I can see them headline.











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[DID NOT ATTEND: October 13, 2022] Me First and the Gimme Gimmes / The Black Tones / Surfbort

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes was a band I knew nothing about but didn’t like, based on their name.  Then I learned that they are a cover band doing punk covers of classic rock songs and I thought their name was actually pretty perfect and now I want to see them live too.

This tour seemed really fun.  Although, they were ALSO playing in NJ two nights rom now and the show included Anti-Flag.  Both of these shows were during a mad week of concerts and not only did I have tickets to a show this night already, but there had been a possibility of a show every night this week (which didn’t happen).

I hope they tour again, although I understand its a rare treat.

The Black Tones is a band that I hadn’t heard of.  According to one blurb they infuse the spirit of punk rock in their modernized version of blues rock, in a really cool and subversive way. And all of that, of course, wouldn’t matter if they weren’t a killer live band.

Surfbort are a legendary underground band who I wished I’d seen the last time they came around. I mean:

Channeling inspiration from the 80’s punk scene to produce rousing, explosive music, their feedback strafed, guitar-shredding music says no to a digital age full of intolerance; they radiate love and friendship. All are welcome in the SURFBORT FREAK FAMILY!

Sounds like a great night.  And it’s yet another show at Brooklyn Bowl that I missed.

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[DID NOT ATTEND: September 23, 2022] Yola / Peter One [rescheduled from February 15]

I has seen Yola on TV and her live presence (and her voice) were incredible. I don’t know a ton of her songs, but the ones I knew I liked a lot.

I thought it would be fun to see her live.  Her February show was postponed to September.

And was rescheduled for the same date as my Saucerful of Secrets show.  Which I was not going to miss.

So I have yet to see Yola.  Or Brooklyn Bowl.

Jac Ross was supposed to open, but I didn’t like him.  I was happy that he was replaced by Peter One whose story is really interesting.

Singer-songwriter Peter One left his home in Côte D’Ivoire in 1995 amid rising political unrest in the West African country that eventually boiled over into two civil wars in the 2000s. His life in the United States began in New York and then Delaware, before landing in Nashville, where he now lives. Along the way, he found community with fellow displaced Ivorians, including a friend who inspired a song from Peter One’s first new release in more than 30 years.

Peter One plays a kind of country-folk but with a West African twist that makes it sound fresh.


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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 11, 2022] Animals as Leaders / Intervals

Animals as Leaders is a trio that plays loud, complex progressive metal.

I saw them a few years ago and was blown away.  Although I didn’t like the crowd very much, and wanted to see them again at some point.

Of course, this show conflicted with two other shows the same night and then we went on vacation, so there was not a chance here.

Intervals is a Canadian progressive instrumental metal band. I’m sure I would have liked them as well.

Maybe some other time.

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[POSTPONED: February 15, 2022] Yola / Jac Ross [moved to September 23]


I has seen Yola on TV and her live presence was incredible. I don’t know a ton of her songs, but the ones I knew I liked a lot.

I really thought it would be fun to see her live

Then the second waved of COVID came through and the show was postponed until the fall.

Jac Ross is an R&B singer who I just listened to and did not like at all.  Sometimes, although not always, it’s worth seeing who the headliner chooses as an opening act to see if you’ll actually enjoy the show.


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