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[POSTPONED: January 21, 2021] The Beths / Lunar Vacation [rescheduled from April 29 Kung Fu Necktie and August 27, 2020 from World Cafe Live; moved to February 24, 2022]

indexThis show has been bounced around now to three different venues.  I was sure I’d finally get to see The Beths, but then this new uptick pushed their tour back.  I don’t know how wise pushing back a show for one month is during this pandemic nonsense.  Especially since they’re saying the spike will drop away in mid-March, but darnit, I really want to see The Beths.

I was looking forward to Weakened Friends opening, but Lunar Vacation…

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the story of Lunar Vacation can be traced back to eighth grade, when Grace Repasky and Maggie Geeslin met and started sharing musical ideas. As soon as the pair became old enough to drive, they started to take Lunar Vacation on the road, playing venues across the sprawling suburbs of their home city and fulfilling so many teenage dreams along the way. As the buzz around the pair grew, so did the band, as they expanded to their current four-piece line-up, and upon finishing school, they started to self-release their music, in the shape of two EPs, Swell and Artificial Flavors.

And their new album, Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp which dives into the the waters of dreamy-indie, psychedelia and bedroom-pop.  Sounds pretty great!  Come on boosters, let the bands play. (more…)

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[CANCELLED: January 8, 2022] Nap Eyes / Kiwi Jr.

indexNap Eyes opened for Destroyer in the last show I saw before the quarantining.  I really wanted to see them headline a tour and do their own thing.

They had scheduled a show at Johnny Brenda’s for May of 2020 which was cancelled.  Then they bided their time and waited until 2022 to schedule their new tour.  But people are jerks and wouldn’t get vaccinated and now the virus had transformed itself so that everyone is going to get it.

I actually tested positive this week and wouldn’t have been able to go to this show anyhow, so I guess I’m glad the tour is on hold for a bit.

But damn, I want to see some Nap Eyes!

Kiwi Jr. is a fun Canadian band, recently described as “clever, easy-going jangle pop” that I’d really like to see live. So I hope this lineup stays the same when Nap Eyes comes back to Philly again.  Some day.

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This is kind of a downer post to start the year, but I’m going on the idea that the year can only get better.

2021 promised to be the year that concerts came back.

And they did, in a pretty big way.  However, there were random shows that were cancelled or postponed.   I’m not going to list every show that was postponed in 2021 (that list is way too long), but here’s a few shows that were supposed to happen once concerts came back but which for one reason or another didn’t.

Sometimes it was even because I had a better show to go to (or had tickets to the other one first).  Reschedulers seemed to enjoy placing all of the rescheduled shows in the same week for me.  I wasn’t necessarily going to try to see all of these, but they caught my attention.


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[POSTPONED: December 29, 30, 31 2021 and January 1, 2022] Phish [moved to April 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2022]


So I got totally shut out for the New Year’s Eve lottery.  The four of us would not go to see Phish.  I knew that no one else in the family wanted to see them on the other nights, so I snagged a ticket for January 29 and 30 for myself.

Although after an exhausting run of shows at the end of November, I was rather burnt out and had every intention of selling these tickets.  I felt like it would be good to stay home for a couple weeks.

I wasn’t going to try to make any money off of them (I’m a strictly cash or trade kind of guy). but I never got around to setting up the trade.

As it got closer I did consider that I might be willing to go to maybe one of the shows.  But as Omicron got worse, I decided that nope, I’m skipping it.

So it was good that they rescheduled, because I still get to go.  Although the shows are the week of S’s birthday, and that’s a pretty busy week,  So we’ll see.

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[POSTPONED: December 29, 30, 31 2021 and January 1, 2022] Phish [moved to April 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2022]

indexThis year, since shows were back, I hoped that Phish would do another New Year’s run.  And this year, my plan was simple: get four tickets for New Year’s Eve so my family could live out a bucket list of mine.

S. thought it would be fun. My kids don’t care about Phish at all and were indifferent to the idea.  But I told them that regardless of their opinion of Phish, it would be a lot of fun, because Phish always does a great New Year’s Eve show.  Plus, how fun would it be to be in New York City after midnight on New Year’s Day?

Well, I tried and I got totally shut out for the New Year’s Eve lottery.  I got totally shut out on Ticketmaster a few days later as well.  And that was fine, but I did still want to see them on this run.

So I snagged a ticket for January 29 and 30. (more…)

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[POSTPONED: December 16, 2021] The Joy Formidable / Cuffed Up

indexThings were looking up, shows were back, we had a vaccine.  And then shitty people refused to get the vaccine and it mutated and now we’re back where we were a year ago with shows getting postponed.

I was really looking forward to this show.  It would have been a great show to end the year on (I would have gone to this one if they had been in town).

The Joy Formidable are from Wales.  The trio Ritzy Bryan, Rhydian Dafydd and Matt Thomas play diverse sounds, but tend towards guitar based rock in various formats).  They even sing in Welsh sometimes.  Their newest album into the blue brings back some of the noisier sounds that the band used on early albums and explored their way away from for a time.

Cuffed Up is an L.A. based band who is getting a lot of buzz.  They play rocking songs with a great dual vocal set up between Sapphire Jewell and Ralph Torrefranca.  I was glad to have heard of them when this tour was announced and I look forward to experiencing them live.

I’m really looking forward to when this is rescheduled.

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[POSTPONED: December 10, 2021] KT Tunstall / New Reveille [rescheduled from March 27, 2020 and February 12, 2021]

I enjoyed watching the saga of KT Tunstall’s shows getting scheduled and postponed and reschedule and postponed again.  Not because I want her (or anyone to be unhappy), but because it was a good bellweather as to what was going on.  Unlike most artists, KT was really game to get out there.

Plus she had three shows in my area and it seemed like I saw her name all the time.

Well, things finally opened up and she was playing her shows.  Of the three, I was most likely to go to this one since it was closest.  And then a short time before the show, it was postponed as well.  But her other shows weren’t

But this time it wasn’t because of COVID or other health related issues, it was actually a boon for her (although not for SOPAC).

She was invited to sing at the 41st Annual John Lennon Tribute Concert at Symphony Space in New York City.  A good reason to postpone a show.

I see that in the new year, KT is on the West Coast, so I’m not sure when she’ll be back for SOPAC, but I’m sure her local fans will be waiting.

New Reveille is an Americana/bluegrass band from North Carolina.  They’ve got banjo, fiddle and a ton of attitude.  While they are definitely in the country vein, I think the bluegrass and the rockingness (they cover The Killers live) makes them a potentially fun live band.  For the three shows in the area, she has three different opening acts.  This one might be the most fun.

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[POSTPONED: November 14, 2021] We Were Promised Jetpacks (moved to April 14, 2022).

indexI was lucky enough to see We Were Promised Jetpacks in February.  They announced a surprise show in June–a kind of last show before we leave the States thing.  Of course it was cancelled.

Then they put out a new album and announced a new States tour.

I was kind of surprised that their show was postponed, but it appears that this Fall tour was just a kind of quickie before the larger tour in the spring.  SO they just added our local dates onto that tour. (more…)

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[POSTPONED: November 12, 2021] Purity Ring / Dawn Richard [postponed from May 13, 2020 and April 21, 2021 ; moved to June 27, 2022] 

indexThe COVID resurgence has forced Purity Ring to postponed their tour yet again, with their new date over two years from their first dates.  Let’s hope everything is cool by June.

They have added Dawn Richard to the tour as well.  I didn’t know who that was and Wikipedia lists these fascinating credentials:

Dawn Angeliqué Richard, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, model and animator.

That’s interesting, but I’m concerned by this:

Richard started her career after auditioning for Making the Band 3 in 2004. During this time, Richard became a member of American girl band Danity Kane, from 2005 to 2009.

I don’t know anything about Danity Kane but I have very strong opinions about made for TV bands.

Here’s the message from the band about the postponement (but not about Richard).

“Hey everyone, out of concern for the safety of our crew, our fans, ourselves and all our loved ones, we must postpone these tour dates once again. Simply put, the pandemic is not yet over. We’ve rescheduled our Fall tour dates for Spring 2022. Your tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date, and if the venue or location has changed they will be refunded. We’re not responsible for ticket sales so you must go to the place you bought them from to handle any changes. Unfortunately all dates for the EU/UK shows have been cancelled for the time being,”


When Purity Ring cancelled their March 2020 dates due to COVID, they cleverly pushed their show back over a year.  It wasn’t far enough. The duo has had to push their show to the fall now.


Purity Ring is a duo from Edmonton–multi-instrumentalist/producer Corin Roddick and vocalist Megan James.

They put out a couple of albums and then disappeared.

I rather enjoy the way Wikipedia describes their sound

a combination of pop and hip-hop styles and James’ “childlike” vocals and “macabre”, “gory” lyrics, that she takes from “books and books full of things she’s written” in the past.  Their music utilizes down-pitched, distorted vocals and percussive and vocal loops. A creative key to their sound is a sometimes aggressive use of a volume regulating technique called “sidechaining,” in which the rhythm of one instrument affects the volume of another.

After a five year hiatus, they returned in 2020 with a new album WOMB, just in time to have their tour postponed.

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[ATTENDED: March 22, 2020] Thundercat [moved from March 22, 2020]

Thundercat is an amazing bass player (He plays a six string bass).  He also writes some really catchy songs.

His style veers a little too much into R&B for me at times, but there’s something about his overall vibes that surpasses anything.

I really wanted to experience his playing live.  I was bummed that I wound up as far away from the stage as I was because I wanted to see those fingers dominate the bass.

I wasn’t prepared for how amazing his band would be.  They were a trio, with Thundercat in the center of the stage with his giant bass.  On his right was keyboardist Dennis Haam and on his left was drummer Justin Brown.  It wasn’t always clear what Haam was playing and what Thundercat was playing–which just proved how impressive they both were.  But it was totally clear what Brown was playing–dominating the drum kit and most of the stage.

Sometimes I feel that Thundercat’s albums are too poppy for me.  But boy howdy was this concert anything but.  It was like a jazzy, jamming night of excess.  And it was wonderful. (more…)

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