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[POSTPONED: July 10, 2020] The Dears

indexI don’t remember when I discovered The Dears, but I have liked them since their 2000 debut.

I enjoyed their 2011 album Degeneration Street and then sort of lost track of them.

They released a pair of albums in 2015 and 2017 and toured Boot & Saddle in 2017.  I was really interested in going then, but it was a very busy night so I couldn’t go.

But now they have a new album and a new tour and I was all ready to finally see Murray A. Lightburn sing in person.

I trust they will reschedule this show (especially since Lightburn was scheduled to play a solo show at Boot & Saddle in April which was also cancelled).

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[CANCELLED: June 17, 2020] We Were Promised Jetpacks

indexI had just seen We Were Promised Jetpacks back in February. The show was fantastic.

I never expected them to announce another show at Boot & Saddle (where I first saw them back in 2018).  Although at the end of our show (which was the last night of the tour), Adam said how much fun they’ve been having playing this year.

So I thought, hell yeah, I ‘ll see them again, if they’re sticking around.

This cancellation is one of the sadder ones.  Not because I was dying to see them, but because of the details of their cancellation:

Hello there,
I hope everyone is doing ok and finding ways to bring some normalcy into their lives in these very strange times. I’m sure you don’t need to hear it from an ageing Scottish indie-rock band but wash your hands, stay inside, don’t be a dick, and lets stop the spread of this virus so we can all go back to hanging out with each other in real life as soon as possible.
Unfortunately we have no option but to cancel our May – June North American tour. We were so looking forward to getting back out there and playing shows. I’m in no way exaggerating when I say that the tour we did in February was some of the most life affirming shit we’ve ever done with the band. I loved every second of it and I am so grateful to be able to do this with my pals.
At the moment we can’t plan to reschedule the tour as our Visas expire in July and our priority this year is to finish writing and recording our fifth album. It’s been strange being unable to meet up and write in our rehearsal space, but we are trying to embrace technology and work on projects and send them back and forth over the internet. It’s a new way of writing for us and we’ve been enjoying it. It has definitely lifted our spirits and given us renewed focus.
A couple months back we had put together an EP of unreleased songs and early demos of songs that are on The More I Sleep The Less I Dream. The EP is called ‘out of interest‘ and there will be a limited amount of vinyl available to pre-order ‪from May 6th‬ with release date of ‪June 19th.‬ Today, you can hear the first single entitled ‘when getting lost.’ (Link in bio.)
That’s just about all our news. I’m so sorry we have to cancel but there’s not really any other option, I hope you understand and we will hit the road hard to make it up to everyone when we can. Thank you so much if you did buy a ticket. You will be able to get a refund at your point of purchase.
Thanks for reading and please take care of yourself and others!
Adam, Sean and Darren


Obviously, they’ll be back, but it’s a shame they couldn’t get in a few more shows.

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[POSTPONED: May 15, 2020] Sheer Mag / Young Guv [moved to August 20 & 21]

indexI saw Sheer Mag a couple of years ago and found their set to be fun and energetic.  I haven’t gotten any of their music because they refuse to put anything out as a CD.

Their sound is so strangely old school rock that it’s hard for me to believe they are a new band made up of young musicians.

I didn’t think I’d need to see them again, but it’s always fun to see bands at Boot & Saddle, especially with a home town crowd.  They have rescheduled for two dates in the fall and fortunately my ticket will be applied to the night I am free.

Young Guv is Ben Cook, the guitarist for Fucked Up.  I had no idea what kind of music Young Guv made, but what I imagined turned out to be nothing like what it actually is.

Young Guv’s music is poppy and light in an indie rock sorta way. It’s really catchy, too.  I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

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[POSTPONED: May 1 & 2, 2020] Sparta / Emily Davis and The Murder Police [moved to July 18 & 19]

indexWhen At the Drive-In broke up, they split into two bands: The Mars Volta and Sparta.  The Mars Volta went in a wild, psychedelic/prog metal direction and Sparta maintained a more tradition heavy rock sound.

I enjoyed the first Sparta albums but I hadn’t heard anything recently.  I considered going to this show because I’d heard they were really good live.

Emily Davis and The Murder Police [EDMP] are an alt-folk-punk band living in the desert southwest with an affinity for writing aggressive, introspective music.  I’ve listened to a few songs and I like what I heard–I feel they are a bit more folk-leaning, but there is a punk edge.

I had tickets to see …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead on the 1st and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on the second, so the postponement worked out nicely.

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[POSTPONED: March 28, 2020] Palehound/Adult Mom/Corey Flood

indexI have seen Palehound twice (and Adult Mom once).

Palehound singer/guitarist Ellen Kempner is a fantastic guitarist and a really compelling frontwoman.  So when I saw that she was playing Boot & Saddle, I definitely wanted to see her once more.

Adult Mom is the creation of Stephanie Knipe.  I was really impressed by the Adult Mom band, especially drummer Liv Battell. I don’t know if it would have been the same band or a solo show, but I’m sure it would have been a great set.

Corey Flood is a band I haven’t heard of. They describe themselves as “west philly basement goth” which has a certain appeal.

Later on it was announced that Control Top was playing the same night across town.  I was genuinely torn about which show to go to, since I already had a ticket to this one.  But I was actually leaning towards Control Top since I’d only seen them once.

There are so many good or promising Philly bands right now, it’s an embarrassment of riches to be able to get to them so easily.

I guess a silver lining is that these shows are no longer in conflict and if they get rescheduled I may be able to go to both.


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[POSTPONED: March 18, 2020] God Is My Co-Pilot / The HIRS Collective / Eat

indexBack in the 1990s I was fascinated by the queercore band God Is My Co-Pilot.  I had a couple of their records and thought they were pretty cool.

They fell off of my radar, and with good reason as they pretty much stopped making music by the end of the 90s.  So I was shocked–shocked, I tell you!–to see that they were performing at Boot & Saddle.

If I hadn’t had a show planned for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I would have absolutely gone to check them out.    So this show has been cancelled as well, but heck, maybe they will reschedule and I’ll certainly come, especially of The HIRS Collective opens.

I had seen The HIRS Collective (then called +HIRS+) open for Screaming Females and they were like nothing I’d seen before.  I wrote:

They turned on their gear and the hum was ominously loud.  The beats began (from the singer’s ipod or phone) and the guitarist played a loud pummeling wall of fast heavy punk. The singer screamed unintelligible lyrics.  And the two of them stomped around the stage in an almost childlike cathartic approximation of two people in a mosh pit.  They crashed into each other.  The singer seemed like they might fall over or off the stage.

And 30 seconds later it was over.

Then they did it again.  And they were both in perfect sync–stopping abruptly each time right as the song ended.

Their whole set was 15 minutes.  It was incredible.  I would absolutely see them again.

I don’t know anything about the band Eat, but given these two other bands, I’ll bet they are similarly chaotic and interesting.  Well, looking them up I see that they are a UK band that was active in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  They were quite popular in the UK but never made it outside of the country.  They reformed in 2014.  I may have to give them a listen.

I hope they all come back around again.


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[ATTENDED: February 29, 2020] We Were Promised Jetpacks

I saw We Were Promised Jetpacks two years ago at Boot & Saddle, a wonderfully intimate place to see a band.  Although I had read that when they played slightly bigger venues, they really maximized the stage space.  In particular, guitarist Michael Palmer was a wild man.

Last time, lead singer Adam Thompson had a shaved head and he looked kind of fierce.  For this show, his hair was grown back and he was giddy, smiling up and down at everyone and clearly enjoying himself.

What was also different was Michael Palmer.  When he came out, I thought–I don’t remember him looking like that at all. Did he grow his hair super long?  And why is he so mellow over there?  Well, it turned out that that was not Michael Palmer. Palmer retired after last year’s tour (which I was supposed to go to but then couldn’t).  This new guitarist was Andy Monaghan from Frightened Rabbit. His playing was excellent, but he was not a very dynamic performer.  That just meant that Thompson was the main focus as he strode around the stage and hammed it up for the people up front to take pictures. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: February 20, 2020] Sloan

This is my fourth time seeing Sloan (and S’s second time).  This is the second time I’ve seen them tour an album in its entirety.  (If only I’d gone to see the Twice Removed tour!).  These album tours are just fantastic.

The shows never feel like a nostalgia show.  The band was rocking and totally into it.  Plus, you get to hear songs that they never play live (“Chester the Molester”?).  What makes it even better is that set two (the non-album set) often has some deep cuts (because they’re not playing the songs from the album they just played).

So in total I heard 16 songs that I haven’t heard them play live before.  Sweet.

We arrived on time, but since it was sold out and there was no opening act, it meant we were pretty far back.  Fortunately, we managed to move past the mountain man in front of us.  The band came in and Chris Murphy literally had to squeeze past me to get to the stage (I love Boot & Saddle).  Less cool were the fans who followed the band to the stage and pushed their way in front of us,

Recent shows at B&S have had poor lighting, but I believe the band brings their own lighting crew (and a giant 4 like on the 4 Nights at the Palais Royale album), so the lighting was excellent all night.  As was the sound! (more…)

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[ATTENDED: February 7, 2020] Garcia Peoples

I saw Garcia Peoples on New Year’s Eve eve at a Phish after party.  The show was great with them playing their new 30 minute song “One Step Behind” as well as a few others.  For that show, their original bassist Derek Spaldo was in town (after this Philly show I talked to Tom Malach and he told me that Spaldo lives in Chicago and tours with them when he can–sometimes they are a six-piece band).  That show was great.  It was the second time I’d seen them playing a short set and I really wanted to catch them as a headliner. So I was pretty excited to see that they’d be playing Boot & Saddle (even if I’d only seen them a month ago I wanted to check them out again).

When I arrived the place was pretty empty, but by the time Garcia Peoples went on, it had filled in nicely.  I was intrigued by the diversity of ages in the crowd–a lot of old Dead-heads and a few younger frat boy types as well as a lot of (drunk?) women.  I am also pretty certain that Chris Forsyth was in the audience.

The crowd was responsive and really appreciative whenever the guys played some impressive soloing (which was often).

I was intrigued to see that Spaldo was not with them this time but bassist Andy Cush was.  Cush played with them when I first saw them.  This means that there are two guys who know the bass parts to their songs. Pretty cool. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: February 7, 2020] Suffacox [Mach 2]

When I entered Boot & Saddle, I saw that the opening band was named Suffacox.   I had never heard of Suffacox and was rather puzzled by the name.

I was even more surprised when I saw the band setting up because I was standing a few feet from the stage and a guy kind of squeezed in front of me (which I thought was kind of rude as there was so much empty space).  He then proceeded to remove his coat and soon enough I realized he was the guitarist for Suffacox.  Whoops.

When the band started, the guitarist, John Terlesky, told us that they were Suffacox… Mach 2.  He said that they had been a band in the mid 90s and now they were back together again.

In their first incarnation they were led by Wayne Hamilton (whom they spoke of as if I’d know who he was, which I don’t).  Hamilton has passed on and now the rest of the original band is back with an extra guitarist and a manager/backing vocalist. (more…)

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