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SOUNDTRACKTHE FLAMING LIPS-“My Religion is You” (2020).

download (75)This is another new single from The Flaming Lips’ new, more mellow album American Head.

This song starts as a piano ballad about various religions.

It’s not the most profound song but it’s chill

Yeah, Buddha’s cool
And you’re no fool
To believe anything
You need to believe in
If Hare Krishna
Maybe it’s the
Thing for you
Hey, that’s cool

The chorus kicks in with big fat synth notes that almost feel sinister, but really aren’t.  Wayne explains that he doesn’t need religions, because his religion “is you.”

I don’t need no religion
You’re all I need
You’re the thing I believe in
Nothing else is true
My religion is you

There’s a pretty guitar solo and the end of the song is an interesting mix of scattered drums and quite synth noises.  It’s not their best song for sure, but it grows on you.

[READ: June 2020] That’s Not How You Wash a Squirrel

David Thorne is an Australian smart ass.  This is his fifth collection of previously unreleased emails and essays.

The foreword of this book is written by Holly Thorne, David’s wife.  And it is hilarious.  The Foreforeword is him arguing with her about whether she will write the Foreword–but only if she doesn’t say something mean about him.

So she writes things like

Davis does have a stressful job but let’s be honest, he’s not clearing landmines.  Even on my worst days I’m not half the diva David is.

After writing some more hilarious paragraphs, you see in a different font:

David is very brave, I once saw him flick a snake off the patio furniture with a stick.

In the Postforeword, he complains about her foreword.  That he comes off like a fuckwit and that there is no mention of the snake.  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: January 25, 2018] Tennis

I had only ever heard of Tennis once or twice in passing on NPR.  I noted them as a poppy, synthy band whose songs were catchy.

I wasn’t sure how much I would like their main set, and I was prepared to head home early if I didn’t enjoy it. But Tennis proved to be delightfully sweet and a perfect match for Overcoats (they clearly mutually respect each other).

Tennis are the creation of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley.  They play sweet synthy pop songs. Because of the way they were dressed I think I heard a lot more disco overtone than was actually there.  There’s an 80s synth pop sound throughout their songs, but I think the heavy basslines brought a real disco swagger.  And the guitar was always interesting.

And their drumset lit up as well! (Check out how they put their logo on the drum head).  I really liked their merch, I thought it was very simple but very cool. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: January 25, 2018] Overcoats

This was my first concert of 2018 (March and April are pretty solidly booked).  I really enjoyed Overcoats’ Tiny Desk Concert and I thought it would be a real treat to see them live.  Their music is dancey, but it’s all about their voices.  It was their harmonies and their attitude of friendship and warmth that really sold me.

They were the opening act for the band Tennis, whom I’d only heard of in passing.  It was certainly odd to go to a show for the opener and not really know the headliner.  The show had just sold out in Brooklyn, but there was a lot of free space in Union Transfer (and yet people still insisted on pushing and shoving–yup I’m old).

Overcoats have one album out–Young.  All of their songs were from that album except for one new one called “I Don’t Believe in Us.”

Their drummer Joao Gonzalez came out first (“ladies, he’s available and he likes the Eagles,” was one of several Philly references).  Then Hana came out and checked her guitar as JJ came out and checked her synth box thingy.  They gave each other a very long deep hug and then Joao begin playing some synth sounds on the sampler.  I was glad to see that they still had the same drummer as on their Tiny Desk Concert. (more…)

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