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millerWho has ever heard of this magazine?  I hadn’t.  And then Miller-McCune showed up in my mailbox at home with a “Subscribe for Free!” sticker on the front.  They just needed to know that I worked at a non-profit company (which I do).

It’s an unwieldy name, and I couldn’t really tell who published it or if they had a bias or an agenda or anything.  I was very suspicious of it.

And then I started reading it.  And it was very good.  I was all set to send in my subscription card.  And then I lost it.  Oh well.  Like I needed another magazine.

And then, the next month, another copy and another free subscription offer!  Whoo hoo.  So, I sent it in.  We’ll see if when the subscription starts I get the magazines as consistently!

I enjoyed this second issue even more than the first. The general tenor of the magazine is research, or as they say “turning research into solutions.”    Despite the “intellectual” tone of the subtitle, the writing is very readable.  (And it’s glossy with lots of pictures).  However, their ads are for things like: Johns Hopkins Press and Earthjustice.  So, they’re not exactly lightweight either. (more…)

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Unsurprisngly there are no online images of this periodical which is all text and no pictures.

Unsurprisingly, there are no online images of this periodical which is all text and no pictures.

I don’t even recall where I first heard of The Washington Spectator, or when I even started my subscription (although it is going on at least ten years now). No one else seems to have heard of it, so maybe it’s printed just for me.

The Washington Spectator comes out every two weeks. It is a 4 page (that’s right, four page– it doesn’t even have a staple) newsletter that covers national politics. For the most part, every issue covers one topic.   Usually that topic is, if not ignored, then certainly under-reported in the mainstream press. And each issue is more or less an extended article about that topic.

The most recent issue’s main topic, for instance, is “Republicans Shocked, Shocked, by Partisan Behavior of Democrats.” And yes, this publication is pretty exclusively pro-Democrat.  It’s not even issues-related as much as it is party-related (unless that’s just because the last eight years basically just chronicled the offenses of the Bush White House and the Republican majority). (more…)

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