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mojoBack oh, fifteen years ago, I subscribed to Mother Jones.  I also subscribed to an unvaried assortment of political mags: The Nation, The Progressive, and In These Times.  But as I grew less politically motivated, I slacked off on the subscriptions.  I just didn’t have time to read all of that.

Recently, I added Mother Jones to my Google Home page.  I started seeing some good headlines, so I thought I’d look into resubscribing.  And for $10, I got a year.

At first I was a bit disappointed in it.  The first issue I received had the cover story: Who Ran Away With Your 401K?  And frankly, it’s gone, I don’t really need to see the trail of footprints leading to a culprit that will never be punished.  And that is the general focus of MoJo: Follow stories that no one is covering; muckrake, if you will.  And they’re very good at it.  And yet, most of the time I feel like nothing really comes of it.  Knowing that someone is at fault doesn’t make them pay for it (most of the time).

The other problem I had was with what we can call liberal guilt.  I’ve got better things to worry about, frankly.  So, when I get an article like this in the current issue: What’s Your Water Footprint? And the subtitle is If you thought calculating your carbon impact made you feel guilty, just wait….  Well, I’m not going to read that.

So the magazine starts like most magazines: the Out Front section is full of short articles that are usually depressing.

I do enjoy Conspiracy Watch, a small box that delves into a current conspiracy (by any side of the political spectrum) and sees if there’s any merit to it (with a rating in tinfoil hats).

There’s usually a look at someone in the administration and then some heavy-hitting articles.  This particular issue is all about the Drug War.  So there’s an article about drug violence in Mexico.  But then a more light-hearted, I suppose, article about drugs in the U.S., including a timeline for drug issues, was more interesting.  This particular one was a first-person account of the war on drugs.

The muckraking article was about the car dealers who steal from military families. (more…)

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SOUNDTRACK: OLU DARA-In the World: From Natchez to New York (1998)

A friend of mine (Hi Jon!) made me a copy of this CD several years ago, and I just found it again and popped it in. I was delighted with how much I enjoyed it. I’d never heard of Olu Dara before, and I was quite pleased with the results. It’s a fun carribbean-esque/New Orleans jazz feeling CD. “Okra” and “Your Lips” are particularly fun. The only downside is “Jungle Jay” a rather uninspired rap. I just found that the rap is done by Nas, who is Dara’s son. I don’t know of Nas’s raps, but I assume they must be better than this one.

Overall, this record gives a nice upbeat feel of the heat in the summer time. Even though it has some raw sounding moments (his voice sounds quite vulnerable at times) it still maintains a good, solid sound. Knowing my tastes, I wouldn’t get more by Dara, and I wouldn’t listen to this all that often, but when the mood strikes, this will really hit the spot.

[READ: Winter 2006] What the L

I got tangled up in life, so I forgot that there were a number of books from a while back that I wanted to add to this blog listing. I’m going to intersperse them throughout here, but as you’ll see, some were read nearly two years ago, so I may not have all of my thoughts straight about them. (more…)

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