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[ATTENDED: October 23, 2022] Metric

Metric’s Fantasties was one of my favorite albums of 2009.  I liked it so much I went back and got their first two albums as well and really enjoyed their brand of gritty synth pop all based around Emily Haines’ astute and observantly dark lyrics.  Then I kind of lost track of them.  They put out a record in 2012 Synthetica which I don’t understand why I didn’t listen to.  They’ve continued to release albums every three years or so, and I’d been hearing how good their live shows were so I decided to check out The Doomscroller tour.

The stage setup was quite simple–a wall of lights behind them.  The four members stood close to the center.   Amazingly, the four members have been the same since more or less the beginning (they had a different bassist but he left before their first album).  Joules Scott-Key on drums in the back.  Joshua Winstead on bass more or less in front of us.  James Shaw on guitar on the far side and singer Emily Haines in the middle.  They were all standing at keyboards as the moody intro to “Doomscroller” started.  Emily moved to one of the keyboards to add her parts and when the song shifted, she walked over to another keyboard–do they have different purposes?  

When the sound shifted, the guys moved away from the synths and started rocking out.  The lights changed.  Emily moved into the middle and the whole room rocked out.  Until things settled down again.  The song is ten minutes with several parts and it showed exactly what the band was going to do and what the show was going  to be like.

It was exciting and cathartic all together.  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 23, 2022] Miss Grit

Metric was on my radar back in the early 2000s, but their album Fantasties proved to be one of my favorite releases of 2009.  I had not considered seeing them live until I’d heard such glowing reviews of their live show.

When this tour was announced, Secret Machines was listed as the opening act for all shows but Philly and one other location.  No other information was given.  Even walking into the venue I wasn’t sure if there was an opening act.  The only clue was that Metric was live streaming their show at 9 and the venue said the show started at 8.

A few minutes after 8, the lights dimmed and two people walked out.  The crowd cheered, and then I heard someone say, “Wait. is there an opening band?”  So I wasn’t the only one confused.

The people on stage were a guy behind some keyboards and a woman with a guitar.

The first song began and the keyboards made some cool sounds–weird and catchy–with a beat.  Then the woman started singing.  I liked the whole vibe she projected.  As the song came to an end, she played some really wicked guitar licks–they reminded me of the earlier sounds that St. Vincent made on her first couple of albums–weird, unexpected and really compelling.

The rest of the set was more or less like this.  Sometimes the guitar parts were more of a lead.  Sometimes they were more like solos

She didn’t say much.  She thanks Metric.  Thanked us for coming early.  And just as she was about to start the last song, someone shouted, Who are you?  She smiled, leaned into the microphone and whispered something inaudible, which I think was her saying Miss Grit.  I had actually heard of Miss Grit on an All Songs Considered episode from a couple of years ago.  I remembered liking the song.

The only way I knew the band was by doing an audio search on my phone during the last song “Like You” which had a distinctive guitar riff.

Then they walked up, with the audience pretty much blown away.  I think we all enjoyed her set immensely and I’m surprised she didn’t make sure we all knew who she was.



Like you


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