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Frank Conniff–Twenty Five Mystery Science Theater 3000 Films That Changed My Life in No Way Whatsoever (2016)

tvfrankSOUNDTRACK: TA-KU & WAFIA-Tiny Desk Concert #577 (November 6, 2016).

Ta-ku & Wafia are Australian, and I knew nothing else about them.  So:

The chemistry between Australian singer-producer Ta-ku and his fellow Aussie singer-songwriter Wafia becomes apparent the instant you hear their voices intertwined in song. On their first collaborative EP, (m)edian, they draw on their individual experiences to touch on subjects like compromise in relationships as they trade verses and harmonize over hollow melodies.  With production characterized by weary low-end rumbles and resonant keys, the two float above the music, playing off each other’s harmonies.

Although the blurb mentions a few bands that the duo sounds like I couldn’t help thinking they sound The xx (although a bit poppier).

“Treading Water” especially sounds like The xx.  Both of their voices sound really close to that band (although Wafia’s high notes and r&b inclinations do impact that somewhat).  It’s funny that they are just sitting there with their eyes closed, hands folded singing gently.

“Me in the Middle” is another pretty, simple keyboard song with depth in the lyrics and vocals.

Introducing, “Love Somebody,” she says its their favorite on their EP and he interjects Go but it now, which makes her giggle.  Her voice is really quite lovely.  I could see them hitting big both in pop circles and in some alternative circles if they market themselves well.

[READ: November 10, 2016] 25 MST3K Films that Changed My Life in No Way Whatsoever

As you might guess from the title, Frank Conniff was involved with MST3K.  He was TV’s Frank and, as we learn from this book, he was the guy who was forced to watch every movie first and decide whether it could be used for the show.  This “job” was created because they had watched a bit of Sidehackers and decided it would be fun to use.  So Comedy Central bought the rights (“They paid in the high two figures”) and then discovered that there was a brutal rape scene (“don’t know why I need to cal it a ‘brutal’ rape scene any kind of rape ,loud or quiet, violent or Cosby-style, is brutal”) that would sure be hard to joke about (they edited it out for the show which “had a minimal effect on the overall mediocrity of the project.”

The book opens with an FBI warning like the videotapes except for this book it stands for Federal Bureau of Incoherence because the document contains “many pop culture references that are obscure, out of date, annoying and of no practical use to anyone.”   So each chapter goes through and explains these obscure references for us all. (more…)

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apocaSOUNDTRACK: DANKO JONES-Never Too Loud [US edition bonus tracks] (2009).

nevertooloudI reviewed this disc a few posts ago.   Since then the disc has finally been released in the States.  And, naturally, since I bought the import version there are three bonus tracks added on this one.  The three tracks are “My Problems (Are Your Problems Now);” “Sugar High”; “R.I.P. RFTC”

The tracks aren’t radically different from the rest of the disc.  However, the first track is notable for having a lot of backing vocals (yeah yeahs and other things).  It’s a bit weird.  As is the fact that the song sounds less bass heavy than most of their other songs–it’s still loud, but it seems a bit tinny.

The second track “Sugar High” sounds like Danko for a kids show.  In just about every other song I’ve ever heard that was about “sugar,” the sugar was a metaphor for sex.  And yet, this song’s chorus quite proudly proclaims, “ice cream cakes and candy cars, I’m the kind of guy who likes a sugar high” and “cotton candy and caramel I’m that type of guy.”  It’s almost too comical to be considered a real song, and yet it rocks really hard.  Some cartoon absolutely needs to use this song in its soundtrack.

The final song is about Rocket From the Crypt, obviously.  It’s also the first Danko song where I’ve had a hard time deciphering all of the lyrics.  But, suffice it to say that it’s a blistering fast track about the sad news that RFTC broke up.

Just three more interesting reasons to track down the CD now that it’s available in the States.

[READ: November 6, 2009] The Apocalipstix

The premise of this graphic novel is that a nuclear explosion has hit the U.S.  Our heroines are a kick-ass band comprised of three women (like Josie and the Pussy cats only really bad ass).  And despite the global destruction, they are still going to play their gigs.  Call it the “End of the World Tour.”

The main characters are: Mandy, a bad-ass black woman on guitar and vocals; Dot, a rather sweet (until she’s pushed) blonde bombshell on bass, and Megumi, a Japanese cowgirl (!) on drums who is mostly silent (she speaks Japanese) but who is very intense.

There are three short stories in this volume.  (more…)

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