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[ATTENDED: August 18, 2018] Pearl Jam

Two summers ago Sarah and I took the kids to Boston.  It was a vacation that was centered around we adults seeing Pearl Jam at Fenway Park.  When Pearl Jam announced that they were doing a short summer tour, I thought it would be fun to try to get tickets to the Wrigley Field Shows.

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I used to enjoy baseball and always wanted to see Wrigley Field.  So when the tickets were announced I took a chance and scored two tickets to each night of their dates.  And so we built another vacation out of travelling to see Pearl Jam.

Ironically we’ve never seen them in our home state.

Sarah wrote a great post about all we did in Chicago (a city I had never been to before).  But in sum, in the five days we were there, we went to Navy Pier, The Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park (and saw The Bean), Portillos, The Sears Tower, an architecture cruise, Shedd Aquarium, The Museum of Science and Industry, a wade into Lake Michigan (that’s 4 of 5 Great Lakes for me), and Nuts on Clark.  And of course, Wrigley Field. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 3, 2017] “Let’s Play Two”

When S. and I went to the screening of Let’s Play Two, we never would have imagined that one year later we’d be seeing Pearl Jam in Wrigley Field as well.

This film is a few things, but primarily it is an exploration of Eddie Vedder’s passions.  It is a showcase for Pearl Jam’s music.  It is also a showcase for the Chicago Cubs.

This is not a concert film exactly.  There are plenty of songs in the film, but they are interspersed with footage of the Cubs and of fans of locals and of Eddie touring Wrigley.

I don’t follow baseball, but I did when I was younger, and Wrigley is iconic.  It was very cool to see all of the insider footage inside Wrigley when Eddie and the band are given a tour of the facility.  I liked that it was cut with footage of a young Eddie talking about Wrigley and being a huge Cubs fan (in 1992, he took a piece of turf that was lying outside the stadium).

This film lovingly looks at Eddie’s obsession with the Cubs.  The fact that Pearl Jam played Wrigley on August 20 and 22, just a few months before the Cubs won the World Series (November 3) is a wonderful dramatic tie in.  [The fact that the giddiness of the win was shut down by the horrors of the 2016 election is very unfortunate]. (more…)

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