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[ATTENDED: October 27, 2022] Starcrawler

I found out about Starcrawler in 2018, a few months after they played their first Philly show at Johnny Brenda’s.  They had also played the Non-Commvention a few months later, which where I decided I really wanted to see them live.

Their stage show was supposed to be insane with lead singer Arrow de Wilde being a force to be reckoned with (who seemed to always end up bloody–fake or otherwise).  I was super excited to see them open for The Distillers in 2019, but Brody Dalle hurt her back during warm up and the show was cancelled a few minutes before the show started.  Later Distillers shows had other opening acts.

They played a show in 2019 at Boot & Saddle, but I had other plans for that night.  Then they were supposed to open for Red Fang in 2021, but that show was cancelled.  So, basically, I’ve been wanting to see them for a pretty long time.

I actually don’t know a lot of their songs. I absolutely love two of them, but as for the rest, I was there more for the spectacle than the actual songs.  I was concerned that the 2022 Starcrawler would be different from the 2018 version.  And, well, it was.  This version of the band is all dressed up in tuxedos. Not a drop of blood to be seen. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 27, 2022] Vixen77

Vixen was (I see is) a glam metal band from the late 80s.  They broke up in 1992 and then reunited with crazy drama) and are still active.

Vixen77 are a Philadelphia punk band.  They chose the name Vixen77 as a reference to the energy and the musical influence of late 70’s punk.  The band consists of guitarists Caitlin and Liz (I’m not sure who was who, but one of them was wearing a Flyers sweater and lost her glasses twice during the set!  I think it was LIz), bassist Jaz, drummer Sarah, and singer Samantha,

The band came out on stage and proceeded to rock their asses off.  It was a solid set of simple, fast, angry rockers.

Samantha has a great stage presence (the day-glo hair was a nice touch) and even though she screamed and snarled, she had a really powerful voice and could hit some pretty high notes.  Both guitarists sang backing vocals, although Liz sang most of them–and she had a powerful voice too.

I couldn’t really see Sarah on drums, but when I did she was smiling the whole time.  Jaz on bass hung in the back (but that may have been due to the size of the stage) and while she didn’t do anything fancy, for a couple of songs she had a nice rumbling solo section that kept the song rollicking on. (more…)

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