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[ATTENDED: October 13, 2022] Alec Nicol [rescheduled from May 7, 2020]

I was pretty excited when The House of Love announced a 30th anniversary tour of the States in 2020.  It would be their first time playing here in 30 years.  Then COVID, obviously.

I was never a huge fan of the band, but I’ve liked them since college–part of the whole 90’s Creation scene.  And they have half a dozen songs that routinely get stuck in my head.

I hadn’t given too much thought to the band’s lineup.  I believe that when the 2020 tour was announced the original band was back together.  But this show had a

new HoL lineup that Guy Chadwick announced last summer after telling fans he’d parted ways with original members Terry Bickers and Pete Evans, as well as Matt Jury, who’d been on board since the group reunited in 2003.

The new lineup will find Chadwick backed by Keith Osborne on lead guitar, Harry Osborne on bass and Hugo Degenhardt on drums. The band also has recorded a new album, though its release has not yet been announced.

So that’s kind of a bummer.  Although Guy Chadwick wrote and sang all the songs, so I guess the rest of the band isn’t that big a deal.  The only thing I missed was Bickers’ backing vocals.

I knew there were a few songs I really wanted to hear (and they played them all), but I didn’t have a big set list in mind.  They played songs from their first three albums and then a bunch from the one Chadwick just released (which was kind of a solo album). (more…)

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[CANCELLED: May 7, 2020] The House of Love / Alex Nicol

indexTo me The House of Love are a quintessential college band.  I loved all three or four of their albums, listened to them a lot and then kind of lost them in the shuffle of new music.

But every time I hear a House of Love song it makes me happy.  So when they announced an American tour (their first American tour in nearly 30 years) I knew I’d have to go.

I was very sad to hear that the whole tour was going to be cancelled instead of postponed, but they did promise that they’d try to make it back, so while it is officially cancelled, we’ll still hold out hope for a future date.

Alex Nicol is a Canadian folk singer whose songs are kind of slow and downbeat.

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