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[DID NOT ATTEND: May 19, 2023] Kevin Devine / The New Amsterdams featuring Matt Pryor / Brother Bird

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Devine for a few years.  I feel like I’ve seen him a bunch because he so often plays around here.  And yet I have only seen him three time (twice solo and once with his Goddamn Band).  I would love to see him again especially with his band.

This show was intriguing–he was playing his album Make the Clocks Move (recently re-released) plus more.  The posters made it unclear whether he would be playing with the New Amsterdams or not.

From what I can gather, Kevin was solo, with an occasional guest.

But this show was the First Unitarian Church, a venue that I will not go to again.  So I missed out on this night.  This night was also my son’s prom night so I didn’t make any other plans.

I had never heard of The New Amsterdams.  They are a project of Matt Pryor, the lead singer of The Get Up Kids.  This is his more folkie/mellow side.  But as soon as he started singing, I recognized his voice right away.

The New Amsterdams were Matt Pryor and (according to Country Standard Time) “a few backing musicians.”  He/they were playing the album Worse for the Wear (plus more).

Opening for them was Brother Bird (Caroline Swon, who was a The Voice Season 4 contender).  She played solo acoustic.  She has a very pleasant voice, although the above review says “the songs ended up being a bit too similar … more variety would have suited Brother Bird.”

The review also noted that Brother Bird was a utility player throughout the night, showing up during the sets of both Devine and The New Amsterdams.

Here’s a Kevin Devine song from Country Standard Time filmed at Brighton Music Hall with a hilarious introduction about Boise Bob, Elliot Smith, Kurt Cobain and COVID.

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[DID NOT ATTEND: September 29, 2022] The Get Up Kids / Sparta

My friend Al got me into The Get Up Kids back in the early 2000s.  “Mass Pike” is a frequently played song on road trips.  My Get Up Kids album is Something to Write Home About.  I never really got that into Four Minute Mile.  So, even though this show could have been fun, it wouldn’t quite have been for me.

Although I certainly wouldn’t have disliked it.

I had plans to see Sparta back in 2020 but the shows were cancelled.  Back then I wrote

When At the Drive-In broke up, they split into two bands: The Mars Volta and Sparta.  The Mars Volta went in a wild, psychedelic/prog metal direction and Sparta maintained a more tradition heavy rock sound.

I enjoyed the first Sparta albums but I hadn’t heard anything recently.  I considered going to this show because I’d heard they were really good live.

UPDATE: Sparta are headlining a tour in August 2023.  So I’ll get to see them.

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