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[ATTENDED: April 30, 2019] Now, Now

The only band on this line up that I actually knew was Now, Now.

I loved their album Threads, a cool poppy shoegazey, guitar based album with chill vocals from Cacie Dalager and great music/beats from Bradley Hale.

Threads was the band’s second album and it features backing vocals and guitars from Jess Abbott.  Abbott left in 2017 to form one of my favorite new bands Tancred.

So, having loved Threads and Jess Abbott, I thought I should check out Now, Now live(a hard band to search online).

Well, something has happened to the band since Jess left.  They went from a shoegazey poppy guitar band to a synthy, very dancey band.

And apparently people love it! (more…)

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 [ATTENDED: April 17, 2018] Julien Baker

We saw Julien Baker open for The Decemberists almost exactly one year ago.  I knew her music (and that she was a quiet singer) but Sarah and I were really blown away by her live performance.

So when I saw that she was playing again, this time in a venue we’d never been to before, I thought it would be a fun birthday present for Sarah.  An opportunity to see this artist as a headliner when the crowd was there for her (we felt the Philly crowd was a bit rude for this quiet singer).

White Eagle Hall proved to be a gorgeous venue, both in appearance and sound quality.  Baker was an excellent first show to test out the acoustics because it was incredibly quiet and her voice and guitar rang out beautifully.  Although it must be said having the bars right on the floor did make for some unexpectedly loud bursts of noise. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: April 17, 2018] Tancred

When I saw the name Tancred a while back I imagined a kind of Middle-Eastern-sounding band.  I had a very specific idea in my head.  So I was really quite surprised to discover that they are actually a 90s-sounding alt rock band created (more or less exclusively) by Jess Abbott (who was in Now, Now for a time).

When I first heard “Bed Case” I was totally psyched.  It pushed all of the buttons I have for 90s female-led alt-rock.  I mean, holy cow.  There’s a total Letters to Cleo/Juliana Hatfield vibe but with a modern sensibility of not following exactly the 90’s rules.

I was super duper psyched that they were opening for Julien Baker.

Incidentally, Tancred (1075 – December 5 or December 12, 1112) was an Italo-Norman leader of the First Crusade who later became Prince of Galilee and regent of the Principality of Antioch…. thanks Wikipedia. (more…)

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[CANCELLED: June 17, 2017] Nnamdi Ogbonnaya/Tancred/PWR BTTM

I had really enjoyed PWR BTTM on their Tiny Desk show.  Their live show appeared to be a spectacle of fun.  I was really looking forward to this live show.

And then within a week or so after the release of their second album, the whole thing fell apart.

On May 11, Ben was accused of various predatory behaviors.
The next day, two band members quit.
The opening acts dropped out of the tour.  For my show, they were to be Nnamdi Ogbonnaya and Tancred.
Their management dropped them and they were kicked out of a couple of festivals.
The record label dropped them and stopped selling the album (less than 24 hours after it had been released).
On May 16, I was sent a refund for my concert.

Obviously, I hope all parties can get the help they need.  But in my selfish state, I can’t help but wish it all went down a month later.

I also wish that the accusations against trump stuck as hard and caused such an immediate downfall. (more…)

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