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indexI have been wanting to see Diet Cig since I first saw their Tiny Desk Concert back in 2017.  Things are always conspiring for me to not see them.  This time it was that I already had tickets for the Waxahatchee show the same night.  This was going to be a hard choice, honestly.  Because I had seen Waxahatchee and really liked the new album (plus I already had the tickets!.

But then on September 1st the band wrote:

this was not an easy decision to come to but ultimately one we felt we had to make. we’re so sorry for the disappointment and we love you all so much 💓🌈💔 we’ve got a little surprise for folks who did buy tickets announcing soon so keep your eyes peeled for that! thank you so much for understanding and we promise to make it up to y’all next time we see you IRL!!!! 💓💓💓 xoxo A+N

So, problem solved for now.

I don’t know anything about Retirement Party.

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