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[ATTENDED: October 8, 2017] Katy Perry

For Tabby’s birthday, I bought her (and us) tickets to see Katy Perry.  She’s a pretty big fan and we thought this would be a fun “big” concert (bigger than “Weird Al”, anyhow).  I’m not a Top 40 person (no duh), but I like a few of her songs (“Firework” and “Roar” are wonderfully catchy uplifting anthems).

I had heard that her shows put the spectacle in spectacular.  And I love spectacle.  I wish we had been able to get a little closer (but I wasn’t paying $500 a ticket), but hey for a first concert it wasn’t too bad. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 8, 2017] Noah Cyrus

When I looked up to see if Katy Perry would have an opening act, I was mildly disappointed to see that Noah Cyrus wa opening.  I had never head of him, but I assumed he was part of the Cyrus clan. Well, I was right and wrong.

Noah Cyrus is part of the Cyrus clan, but Noah Cyrus is a girl–younger sister of Miley.

When I looked her up to see if I might know her songs, I learned a far more interesting fact: she was the voice of our beloved Ponyo in the English language version of the movie!

We were told she would go on at 8:00 but by 8:10 there was still no sign of the opening act–and the ladies behind us were so drunk and so obnoxious–that we decided to go buy some merch. As we came back from that insanity, Noah was just going on stage.

She sang six or seven songs to a largely empty front of the stage.  She had a lot of energy and her first song was pretty catchy. (more…)

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