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[CANCELLED: October 28, 2020] Five Finger Death Punch / Ice Nine Kills / I Prevail / Papa Roach [moved to May 6]

indexAs they started to say people could gather in smaller groups, the likelihood of huge arena shows like this seemed in doubt.  We can all hope that as things get better, new shows will be on the horizon.

At some point (I don’t know when exactly), the band posted this message

Message from the band: We were really looking forward to getting the green light for hitting the road in 2020.

As it stands – and probably as no surprise to you – our Fall tour with Papa Roach, I Prevail and Ice Nine Kills, unfortunately, has to be canceled. Rest assured, we are watching the situation very closely and we will be back on the road the moment it becomes possible 👊🏼💥 We hope to see you guys soon and in the meantime, follow us on social media for news, new music, special announcements, giveaways and all kinds of surprises. 👊💥


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[POSTPONED: September 22, 2020] My Chemical Romance [moved to September 21, 2021]

indexI enjoyed My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade album quite a lot, although I haven’t listened to all that much beyond it.

I wasn’t really aware that they’d broken up because my son and his friends like them and listen to them on trips (sometimes).  When this tour was announced, I thought it would be so much fun to go to see this massive spectacle (which I assume it will be).

I bought a ticket for me, my son and his friend and the seats were great!  I was really excited about the show and was hoping that it wouldn’t get postponed–end of September seemed like maybe we’d be out of lockdown.

Then on June 16th, it was announced that the tour would be pushed back to next year.  I am getting rather concerned that rescheduled dates are going to be on the same night.  Turns out this sow is the day after the Pet Shop Boys show.  But since I had great seats, I’m glad we get to keep them.

One more year just builds up more anticipation.


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[POSTPONED: May 6, 2020] Five Finger Death Punch / Ice Nine Kills / I Prevail / Papa Roach [moved to October 28]

indexMy son and his friends were going to go to this show primarily for Ice Nine Kills.

He and I saw Ice Nine Kills last summer and thought they were amazing.  So good in fact that I offered to be the chaperone of this show (rather than his friend’s dad).  It might still happen.

I feel like disappointment is inevitable since INK are opening, not headlining.  And they wont be on as long or be able to do as much (I assume), but even a little INK is better than none.

I actually don’t know Five Finger Death Punch, although I’ve certainly heard of them.  I had no idea they were [according to Wikipedia] one of the most successful heavy metal bands of the decade.  The few songs I’ve heard were alternately catchy or really vulgar.

I don’t know I Prevail, but they are a metalcore band, like so many other bands these days.  Catchy with some screamo vocals.

I’ve known of Papa Roach for a long time but have never heard them.  I feel like I dismissed them early on because they were part of the nu metal scene.

Papa Roach has been described as alternative metal, alternative rock,hard rock,nu metal,rap metal.  Allmusic has compared the band’s recent work to 1980s glam metal-a knowing update of an ’80s Sunset Strip sleaze rock outfit with new elements of djent.

I listened to one song (from 2005) and found it catchy and another song (from 2015) and heard the djent influences.

I think this entire show would have been exhausting.

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[POSTPONED: CANCELLED March 16, 2020] Billie Eilish / Denzel Curry

indexUPDATE: On December 3, this show was officially cancelled.  What a bummer.  I hope her future tour is as good as this one was supposed to be.

March was going to be a very busy concert month for me.  This was to be the third of four shows in five nights.  This show was going to be for me and my daughter–her opportunity  to see the biggest pop star in the world–Billie Eilish.

I actually managed to get us decent seats and I was pretty excited to see what this show would be like as well.

I have to assume that this show will get rescheduled.  It’s one of the few shows I go to where I actually have a seat and not just GA, so when it gets rescheduled I assume they’ll give us the same seats?  I also hope it’s not on a school night.

Opening for this show was a rapper named Denzel Curry who I don’t know.  I don’t really have an opinion about whether he opens next time or not.

This turned out to be the third of dozens of shows cancelled or postponed by the coronavirus.

Obviously, my main concern is for everyone’s safety, including the bands!

My selfish concern though is that once the shows are rescheduled that all of these shows will be scheduled on the same day!

Let’s hope the rescheduled dates also do some social distancing.


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[ATTENDED: March 20, 2018] Judas Priest

Judas Priest was one of my favorite bands when I was a kid.  I remember being very excited when Screaming for Vengeance came out.  I even liked Turbo (“Turbo Lover” may be a terrible song but it is sure catchy).  But then by 1988 I had stopped listening to them, thinking that they’d gone all synth.  I moved on from JP to more heavy music, but I returned to JP’s earlier more progressive-sounding rock quite a lot.  Which means I missed the outstanding “Painkiller” and the whole “Ripper” Owens period.

I even saw Rob Halford live with his band Halford in 200o (opening for Queensryche and Iron Maiden).  I decided I wanted to see this essential childhood band especially since they had a new album out that had gotten decent buzz.  I knew it wasn’t all the original members.  Bassist Ian Hill was still there with Halford.

The drummer Dave Holland was replaced by current drummed Scott Travis in 1989, so he’s a veteran of the band.

Original guitar maniac K.K. Downing left in 2011 and his replacement Richie Faulkner has been accepted into the Priest fold.

And then there was Glenn Tipton, the other original member and part of the twin guitar attack.

So 3/5 original members is pretty good for a band that started in the mid 1970s.  Then Tipton revealed that he had Parkinson’s and would not be touring with the band.  Ouch.  I wondered if it was still worth gong, and I was soundly criticized for doubting the Beast which is Priest.  He was replaced by their engineer Andy Sneap. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: March 20, 2018] Saxon

Back in high school, I loved Saxon.  I may have loved them more for their logo than their music (that battle-axe S is still awesome). But I know I listened to their records enough that their songs were often familiar (and cool).

“Denim and Leather” was my introduction and favorite song, although hearing it now, it’s not as good as many of their other classics.

I bought their first eight albums on vinyl. And then I kind of forgot about them. Or at least assumed they had broken up or something.

But, unlike most bands that started in the 70s, Saxon appears to have never stopped.

Indeed, since that last album I bought in 1988, they have put out fourteen (!) more (not including ten live albums and countless compilations). (more…)

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[ATTENDED: March 20, 2018] Black Star Riders

I had not heard of Black Star riders before this show.  My friend Nick told me that they were involved with Thin Lizzy in some capacity.  I really like Thin Lizzy, so I was intrigued by that aspect.  Although I didn’t quite understand  the connection, I assumed it was the original members plus a new singer.  I have just looked at the timeline of Thin Lizzy members and trying to figure out what an original member would be is a futile gesture.

Scott Gorham who is in Black Star Riders joined Thin Lizzy in 1974 (after the band had released three albums) and has been with them ever since.  Thin Lizzy broke up in 1983 (Phil Lynott, singer, bass player and primary songwriter died in 1986–I always assumed they broke up because he died).  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 8, 2017] Katy Perry

For Tabby’s birthday, I bought her (and us) tickets to see Katy Perry.  She’s a pretty big fan and we thought this would be a fun “big” concert (bigger than “Weird Al”, anyhow).  I’m not a Top 40 person (no duh), but I like a few of her songs (“Firework” and “Roar” are wonderfully catchy uplifting anthems).

I had heard that her shows put the spectacle in spectacular.  And I love spectacle.  I wish we had been able to get a little closer (but I wasn’t paying $500 a ticket), but hey for a first concert it wasn’t too bad. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 8, 2017] Noah Cyrus

When I looked up to see if Katy Perry would have an opening act, I was mildly disappointed to see that Noah Cyrus wa opening.  I had never head of him, but I assumed he was part of the Cyrus clan. Well, I was right and wrong.

Noah Cyrus is part of the Cyrus clan, but Noah Cyrus is a girl–younger sister of Miley.

When I looked her up to see if I might know her songs, I learned a far more interesting fact: she was the voice of our beloved Ponyo in the English language version of the movie!

We were told she would go on at 8:00 but by 8:10 there was still no sign of the opening act–and the ladies behind us were so drunk and so obnoxious–that we decided to go buy some merch. As we came back from that insanity, Noah was just going on stage.

She sang six or seven songs to a largely empty front of the stage.  She had a lot of energy and her first song was pretty catchy. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: February 18, 2012] Harlem Globetrotters

When I was a kid, The Harlem Globetrotters were the coolest thing ever.  I played basketball in grammar school, but I was pretty bad (short with no vertical leap), so seeing guys who were amazing ans also silly at basketball was wonderful to me.  I whistled “Sweet Georgia Brown” a million times.  I showed off my amazing “trick” shots at friends’ houses and during gym.  I tried to bounce basketballs off of everything.  Of course, I never did learn a lay up, but that’s beside the point.

And the Globetrotter commercials were on TV seemingly all the time.  Like this one:

How cool, to slide across the floor, roll a ball down your back and make crazy baskets.

Of course, I think I remember the Globetrotters more from this show, which featured the voices of the all-time greats: George “Meadowlark” Lemon, Freddie “Curly” Neal, Hubert “Geese” Ausbie, J.C. “Gip” Gipson, Bobby Joe Mason, and Pablo Robertson (okay, these last three I don’t remember).

Twenty-two episodes were made in all, and I’m pretty sure I saw all of them (the old lady and the dog never made much sense but that’s okay too).

Suffice it to say, the Globetrotters left an indelible stamp on my world.  But I never saw them live.  So, imagine my delight when a few weeks ago, I won a contest for four free tickets to see the Globetrotters!  I was pretty psyched. (more…)

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