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[ATTENDED: December 6, 2018] Heron Oblivion

I had tickets to a different show this evening, but when I saw that Heron Oblivion, whom I’d assumed was no more, were playing a show in Jersey City, I gave up on the other show and headed to JC.

I liked the Heron Oblivion album a lot–screaming guitars, catchy melodies–although I realized I didn’t know what any of the band looked like.  So during the opening bands, when a guy excused himself as he snuck by me to put some devices on the stage (Recording? I assume.  He took them away for his set), I had no idea he was the bassist for Heron Oblivion.

Heron Oblivion is considered a supergroup, although I didn’t know any of the bands that the musicians came from. I just knew that I loved the record–the washes of feedback and guitars, the great basswork and the way the band scaled down to let the vocals shine through.  I also hadn’t heard the term psychrock specifically before, but the band perfectly encapsulates it. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: December 6, 2018] Garcia Peoples

I had never heard of Garcia Peoples either and they may have blown me away more than Mountain Movers (who were amazing).

Garcia Peoples are from Rutherford, NJ and they played a kind of jam rock but with an awesome prog rock edge to it–time changes upon time changes, two singers and solos upon solos.  In fact, they also had a funky edge and a classic rock vibe,  Heck they could do it all.  I’m not sure if they played four songs or fifteen songs.

They are apparently friends with Mountain Movers and it’s always great to have bands who like each other on the bill.

Garcia Peoples are led by the twin lead guitars of Danny Arakaki and Tom Malach who both switch off lead vocals as well.  What I loved so much about these two guitarists was that they played at the same time.  Their soloing would often be slightly at odds with each other–not cacophony but two guys playing different solos that fit perfectly with the music…at the same time.

Their soloing styles were quite different, with I’d say Malach’s a little looser (except when he tightened things up).  And then every once in a while they would sync up and play the same concluding riff at the same time–usually in harmony.  It was magical the way the songs came together. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: December 6, 2018] Mountain Movers

I was pretty excited to see Heron Oblivion, although I had never heard of either of the two opening bands.

Turns out all three bands on the bill were awesome.  Mountain Movers absolutely blew me way with their excellent psychedelic stoner rock.  (I believe the term is now psychrock).  The soloing was outstanding.

Mountain Movers are from New Haven, CT and are the brain child of guitarist Dan Greene.  After four albums sometime in 2011 or so, they were joined by lead guitarist Kryssi Battalene and drummer Ross Menze to form the cohesive unit that I saw.  And they were amazing. (more…)

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