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[ATTENDED: April 16, 2022] Motionless in White

As soon as I heard that Motionless in White was from Scranton (and they called Philly home), I understood why they were the headliners.  Apparently they always sell out in Philly as well.

After Ice Nine Kills, there was a major shift in the audience.  Whether they were leaving or just getting drinks, it allowed me to get very close to the stage.  So when Motionless in White came out I really got to experience them pretty well.

I was a little puzzled by lead singer Chris Motionless who may have had white face paint on.  He was also wearing what looked like an army flak jacket (with no shirt underneath–ouch.

I also think there was no bassist for the band (I see that it was announced in Buffalo that he was expecting a new baby, so that’s sweet).  I’m not sue how they compensated or maybe they didn’t bother.  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: April 16, 2022] Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills put on a wonderfully theatrical show.  There’s costume changes, props and murder victims.  Their songs are often very catchy and they are frequently about horror movies (hence the murder victims).

After seeing them back in 2019, I knew I’d want to see them again.  I’ve tried to see them with my son a few times, but he winds up getting invited by a friend and they go together (last time they scored VIP which I don’t even bother trying to do).  So I was pretty excited to go to this show.

And I was consequently a little bummed that their set was only going to  be about 50 minutes.  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: April 16, 2022] Black Veil Brides

When I grabbed tickets for this tour, I wound up getting them via a Black Veil Brides Presale, because I never got the INK presale to work.

I had never heard of the Black Veil Brides, but that didn’t matter, because I could still get the tickets, right?  Even my son and his friend were a little surprised the three bands were together because they said that BVB and Motionless in White peaked like ten years ago.

I also had no idea that this was a triple headline bill.  I mean, yes I can see it was advertised as such, but since I hadn’t heard of the other two bands I assumed that the other bands were listed, but it was an INK show.

Then the day before, when I went to check what time INK went on, I saw that the three bands were rotating who went first and that we would not know who was playing first until we got there.  Woah, no wonder it was so packed so early. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: April 16, 2022] Lilith Czar

I was pretty excited to take my son and his friends to see Ice Nine Kills again.  This was his fourth or fifth time seeing them already.  It would be my second.

The tickets said 6:30, which usually means that the doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30.  I couldn’t find anything to the contrary so we arrived at 6:25, figuring we’d get there nice and early–get merch and get right up close.

We walked right in and I thought, huh, are we really that early?

Well, indeed, no.  As I stood on the merch line that wrapped all the way into the venue, I looked at the Fillmore Instagram site which said that the doors opened at 5 and the first band went on at 6:30.  WTF.

So I thought I indicated to the kids that I’d get on the merch line for them and they could come when I was close to the end of the line.  Clearly I didn’t say that as they thought I ditched them and was up near the front.  Meanwhile, I was standing on line, facing away from the stage and missing the opening band Lilith Czar pretty much entirely.

I was in the room, so I heard everything, I just couldn’t really focus on her at all.

I didn’t know her music (and didn’t know she was opening the show until last night).  But I do know that she did a rocking cover of Stevie Nick’s “Edge of Seventeen” (which I always thought was called  “One Wing Dove”).

Heh, looking her up now, I see that she was on The Voice and is now married to the singer from Black Veil Brides and formerly recorded as Juliet Simms.

I wish I could have given her more attention because I liked the sound of her set, and thought the rocking “Edge of Seventeen” was quite good.  She praised Philly as the best crowd of the tour.  I know that bands say this all the time, but it felt like she had a legit reason.  She said it was the first time anyone had crowd surfed to “whatever song.”

According to Setlist, she played this

  1. Intro Poem [taped]
  2. Feed My Chaos √
  3. 100 Little Deaths (Juliet Simms cover) √
  4. Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks cover) √
  5. Lola √
  6. King √
  7. Anarchy √

√ Created by Filth and Dust.

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