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[ATTENDED: October 29, 2022] Nina Ryser

Nina Ryser is a member of Palberta (I love that name) whom I saw live a while back.  I recently also saw her bandmate Lily Konigsberg solo, so that’s 2/3 of Palberta I’ve seen solo now.   (Clearly Anina Ivry-Block will be opening for someone in the near future).  I have also seen Nina Ryser play drums for Old Maybe.

Like the rest of her Palbertans, Ryser is a prolific songwriter who is classically trained but who likes to push the boundaries of what music should do.

For this little set, she and her husband played keyboards (and all manner of gadgets).  The set sounded improvised, but I’m sure it wasn’t.

Most of the songs were built around a beat and a simple chord pattern.  There was a droney component to it and Nina’s vocals were kind of deapan.

I know she played “Shelf the Trophy.”  She played another song that reminded me of a lo-fi Stereolab.

My favorite parts of the show occurred between songs where Nina would mess around with looping pedals and make these interesting collages out of bits of the song she’d just played.  There was definitely some improv in here and I enjoyed watching her manipulate the sounds to create something cool.

She ended the set with the catchiest song.  I don’t know what it’s called but there was a repeated refrain of “you never looked better.”  It was simple, but the vocal line complemented the music really nicely.

There’s so many interesting Philly-based musicians and so many places to play.  It’s quite a rich scene.

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[ATTENDED: February 18, 2022] Lily Konigsberg

I have seen Lily Konigsberg play with Palberta–she and her bandmates switched instruments throughout the set.  For this set Lily played guitar and sang.  Her Lily K. Band was a four piece.

Nate was on guitar, Charlie on bass and Charlotte Kahn on drums.  I am 90% sure I have seen Kahn play drums with someone else, but I can’t remember who that was.

Lily is a prolific songwriter.  Some are catchy.  Some are downright weird. I was actually surprised at how conventional some of these songs were.  Especially after she started out with the decidedly odd and wonderful “Alone” with its jumpy bass line and wicked guitars.

I loved the title of the next song “At Best a #3.”  Then she told is that “Proud Home” was about Stacy’s perspective from “Stacy’s Mom.”  It was good but not as catchy as he original. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: February 18, 2022] Poise

Poise is the creation of Lucie Murphy.  She has released an EP and an LP and the songs on them are quite varied.  She’s a got a few short rockers with great riffs and a few mellow, more brooding pieces.

They were a four piece for this show with Marguax on bass, Theo Munger on drums and Sam Skinner (from Pinegrove) on lead guitar.

They cam out with a short rocker.  Murphy’s voice is pretty great–she can hit some really high notes, but mostly she’s got a lot of power.  I really enjoyed the second song “Nothing You Can Say” with a super catchy riff.

She mellowed things out for a song and then allowed Skinner to make some really cool feedbacking squalls during the song with the otherwise quiet chorus of “Let me break your heart.” (more…)

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