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[DID NOT ATTEND: November 13, 2021] Half Waif / Lightning Bug

I have wanted to see Half Waif for a couple of years. I’ve heard her live shows are great.  And a venue like Johnny Brenda’s would probably be perfect for her intimate songs.

Initially I wanted to see this tour (back in May, and then October) because Ian Chang was opening for her and he is an amazing drummer whom I need to see live.

But that didn’t take away from my desire to see Half Waif as well.  But this show happened right in the middle of a bunch of other shows and I try not to do too many nights in a row.

It transpired that most of the shows were cancelled anyway, but I had pretty much committed to being home so I didn’t go.  But she’s fairly local so I hope she plays again soon.  With any opener.

Half Waif is the project of former Pinegrove singer Nandi Rose.  I find her music very pleasing.

Lightning Bug is the project of Audrey Kang (although I believe she has a full band now).  She sings lovely, quiet songs, which seems like it would be a nice companion to Half Waif’s music.

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