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[DID NOT ATTEND: March 1, 2023] Thick / Jigsaw Youth / Puppy Angst

I’ve been a fan of New York band Thick for a few years (since I head about them on NPR).  I’ve been wanting to see them live for a while.  I had a chance in 2021, but that show was scheduled against something else I wanted to do.

So, here they were coming to Milkboy.  I had been to Milkboy once before–although apparently not the main Milkboy venue I just learned.  I know Milkboy is a pretty small place, so I figured this would be a great way to see this riveting band.

And then, I got really sick yesterday.  I’m assuming it was the norovirus.  And, wow, although I was feeling better by show timem there was no way I felt like doing anything.  So I had to miss Thick yet again.  I hope they come back again or maybe play NJ?

Jigsaw Youth is a punk band from Staten Island.  I listened to a few songs and liked some.  I preferred their newer stuff to their older songs.  I’m sure they would have kicked ass.

Puppy Angst is from Philly and was created by Alyssa Milman (they/them) who I saw play bass with Kississippi (and thought they were great).  Puppy Angst is a moody indie dream pop quartet that Milman formed alongside Eric Naroden (drums), Dan Leinweber (guitar, vocals), and John Heywood (bass).  [These would be the only men in the show, too].

Now that I realize who Puppy Angst is, I’m even more bummed that I couldn’t make this show.


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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 29, 2022] Kevin Devine / Kayleigh Goldsworthy / Kississippi

The embarrassment of riches continued on April 29th as there were four more shows I was interested in going to.  And what’s so fun about Philadelphia is that among the eight shows in two nights none were in the same venue.

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Devine for a few years.  I feel like I’ve seen him a bunch because he so often plays around here.  And yet I have only seen him three time (twice solo and once with his Goddamn Band).  I would love to see him again and would absolutely gone to see this show except that it was at the First Unitarian Church, avenue I won’t go to again.  So, this one was really a no-go.

I saw Kayleigh Goldsworthy open for Frank Turner and really liked her.  I didn’t realize she was part of Kevin Devine’s circle of players until recently.  I’d have happily seen her again.

Kississippi is a Philly band who I saw open for someone else.  They write super catchy songs and I would happily see them again as well.  Some other time I’m sure.

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[ATTENDED: October 22, 2021] Tigers Jaw

I had planned to check out Tigers Jaw at a small club in New Hope, but the show kept getting cancelled.  All I really knew about them was a Tiny Desk Concert they did that I really liked.  There were two of them and they wrote catchy poppy punk songs.

Little did I know they’ve had tumultuous line up changes since their early days in Scranton, PA.

Back in 2014 3/5 of the band left, leaving only Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins.  Their 2017 album, Spin was recorded as a duo.  But for I Won’t Care How You Remember Me, they added the touring bassist and drummer the band to record the album.

And for the tour, they added two more members.  So this show proved to be a lot bigger, louder and dancier than I expected.


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[ATTENDED: October 22, 2021] Kississippi

Kississippi has one of my favorite band names of recent years.  I wasn’t even sure if I liked them, I just knew I liked the name.

And here they were opening for Tigers Jaw (something of a musical mismatch because they tend to play a bit more synth poppy compared to Tigers Jaw’s heavier sound).

Kississippi is the solo project of Philadelphian Zoe Allaire Reynolds.  She’s released a few albums and EPs, but for this show, she was mostly touring her latest album Mood Ring which is a bit more upbeat than her previous releases.

I didn’t catch any of the band member names, but her bassist was outstanding.  They had a great sound coupled with a great look [I have since learned their name is Alyssa Milman (they/them)].  Zoe herself was a fun front woman.  I especially enjoyed the “YMCA” type of dance she made for “We’re So In Tune” (you can imagine it, I’m sure). (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 22, 2021] Total Rubbish

I had planned to check out Tigers Jaw at a small club in New Hope, but the show kept getting cancelled.  All I really knew about them was a Tiny Desk Concert they did that I really liked.  There were two of them and they wrote catchy poppy punk songs.  Their opening act was supposed to be Kayleigh Goldsworthy who is more or less a folk singer.  So I assumed that’s what kind of show this would be.

The opening band at Union Transfer was Total Rubbish, a new band based in Philly.  They have one EP out called Triple Negative.

The four young women took the stage and proceeded to play some great noisy grungey shoegazey rock.  It was hard to tell exactly what the dynamic should be because they weren’t mixed all that great.  The vocals were kind of buried (or maybe I was too close to the stage).  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: August 14, 2016] Langhorne Slim

2016-08-14 19.00.02 I had planned to go to Musikfest early on Sunday to catch Kississippi who I missed at XPNFest.  But as soon as our child care plans fell through, I knew that that early show was out the window–missed them yet again.  I wasn’t even sure if I’d get there in time to see Langhorne Slim, but he went on a few minutes later than scheduled, which worked out perfectly for me.

I didn’t know Langhorne at all.  I thought he was a country singer but he’s more folkie, which I liked.  And he’s from New Hope, PA which makes us practically neighbors.

Musikfest had been plagued by thunderstorms this year.  Earlier shows had been cancelled or cut short because of them.  And like the other nights’ forecasts were mixed–from 0% to 100% chance of thunderstorms during the show.  I arrived just as Langhorne was coming out on stage and he introduced The Avett Brothers.  Scott and Seth sang a fun and spirited rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” to try to keep the rain away and it pretty much worked.

Langhorne joked that that was the last we’d see of The Avett Brothers that night.  And then he proceeded to play a number of songs just him and his guitar. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: July 22-24, 2016] XPN Fest

2016-07-24 15.34.58Even though I go to a lot of shows, I don’t really love Festivals.  I actually enjoy concerts too much to enjoy Festivals.  Which sounds dumb, but I’d rather see a band I like on their own play for a full set than for 30 minutes with a bunch of people who don’t really want to see them.

I’ve been to a few festivals over the years, and I have thought about going to other ones, but since I typically don’t want to spend a few days in the sun (and a few hundred dollars), I don’t go.

But the past two years we have seen some great headlining acts at XPN Fest.  And we thought it would be fun to go for the day, bring the kids and just have a fun day outside with music and vendors.  We bought tickets before the lineup was even announced.

WXPN members get half-priced tickets (which is cheaper than some of the regular shows I’ve been to) and kids’ tickets are $15 for the three days.  Perfect.

In the past, I have loved most of the headliners, but this year I didn’t really like any of them. The three day pass includes lawn seats to the headliners, but we wound up not using them at all. (more…)

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