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[POSTPONED: CANCELLED: April 2, 2020] Pussy Riot / Deli Girls

indexPussy Riot are legendary for getting arrested for singing feminist punk in Russia.

Pussy Riot’s membership is a revolving door of anonymous women, so who knows who was going to appear on stage.  And, yes, I don’t really know all that much about their music.  I just figured it was going to be a fun show.  I hope they can come back around.

I’ve never heard of Deli Girls but a review from Fader makes them sound pretty exciting

At shows, the crowd gathers around Danny Orlowski as they strut and thrash around the room, displaying their rage and vulnerability with an ugly, commanding sincerity. Tommi Kelly, meanwhile, crouches in the background over drum machines and sequencers, turning vocal samples, barking dogs, and a grab-bag of other percussive noises into a feedback-scorched blend of industrial, hardcore, and pop. It feels both brand new and ecstatically familiar, as if the ’98 Family Values Tour just crash-landed in the basement of your local punk house.

Yeah, I’d see that.  Hope they get paired up when the tour comes back.

UPDATE: On May 19, the band announced the cancellation of their tour

So sad to announce that the 2020 Pussy Riot North American tour will be canceled.  With so much uncertainty right now, it would be impossible to perform while also ensuring the health and safety of you beautiful people.  That is my number one priority.  I wanted more than anythingggg to bring everyone together to rage and rally.  But I am hopeful we will do so again.



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