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[DID NOT ATTEND: May 22, 2023] Come / Sun Organ

Come are an indie band from a long time ago.  They were formed by Thalia Zedak and Chris Brokaw.  I really liked their albums Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Near-Life Experience.  Then they broke up in 2001.

They reunited in 2013, although I missed it completely.  Thalia and Chris are still in the band, but the rest of the band was fresh.

They haven’t put out any new music, but they do tour occasionally.  I didn’t know any of that, so I was really surprised to see that they were playing Johnny Brenda’s.  I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to see them since it’s been a while since I listened to them.

But that night turned out to be the night of my kids’ honors awards ceremony, so the question was moot anyway.

Sun Organ was scheduled to open for Algernon Cadawallader back in October, although I didn’t get to the show.  They are a kind of shambolic noise band from Philly.  The first two songs on their album Candlelight Showertime are kind of slow and ponderous (as if the vocals are slowed down) and I was about to give up on them, but the third and fourth songs are more interesting both in tempo and sonic construction.  I’m sure they’d be fun live.

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