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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 11, 2022] Fuzz / Electric Candlelight

This week was supposed to be an intense week of concerts for me.  I don’t really like when they all line up in one week. but what can you do?

Then we decided to go on vacation (it was Spring Break), so I blew off all of these shows.

This second show was with Fuzz.  Fuzz is one of Ty Segall’s bands.  He plays drums in this one and, as their name suggests, they play fuzzy psychedelic music.  I thought  this would be a fun show even though I didn’t know the band all that well.

Besides, I had tickets to Ty Segall later in the summer as well.

Electric Candlelight is a Philly-based band who sound right up my alley.  Here’s a brief write up:

Electric Candlelight — the newly minted four-piece is led by singer Owen Stewart from Ruby The Hatchet and guitarist Justin Pittney, formerly of Residuels and Moon Women. The heavy psychedelic band is rounded out by Max Jonas from Tough Shits on bass, Joshua Aaron from The Lawsuits band on drums, and Ali Awan on guitar. The group made its debut this week with a single called “Another Year Gone By,” a six-minute-long thrasher with ample guitar melodies and the drive of Stewart’s raspy, Credence-esque vocals that offer an element of Ruby The Hatchet’s psychedelic hard rock.

Sounds like it would have been a trippy, fun show.

But D.C. was a wonderful trip, so no regrets.

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[DID NOT ATTEND: December 3, 2021] Cave In / Cleric

Back in 1998 I really like the Cave In album Until Your Heart Stops.  Then I pretty much forgot about them.

They came back on my radar when one of the band members died in a car accident a few years ago.  He sang lead (but was not the only lead vocalist) and I assumed that was the end of the band.

But they did not break up.  Indeed, they have a new album coming out next year.

I wasn’t planning on going to this show without looking into what they’ve done this century, and I never got around to that, so I didn’t go.

I didn’t know who Cleric was.  Their Wikipedia write up is interesting, but this could go in a direction I don’t like

Cleric is an American avant-garde metal band based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The band is known for their experimental approach to grindcore, doom and avant-garde metal

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