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[ATTENDED: October 2, 2015] Helvetia

2015-10-02 21.51.07After Clarke finished his set, he removed his tambourine from the hi hat and took his guitar.  And then Helvetia came out and used the same tiny drum set.  It turns out that there is all kinds of connectivity between Clarke, Helvetia and Built to Spill.  Clarke’s record was released by Brett Netson’s label.  Brett Netson is the second guitarist for Built to Spill.  And, as it turns out, the bassist and third guitarist for Built to Spill (Jason Albertini and Jim Roth) are the two guitarists for Helvetia.

I had never heard of Helvetia.  So imagine my surprise that they released their 8th (!) album that night.

As the band was setting up, Zeke Howard, the drummer, projected a cool swirling pattern on his drum head.  Which I can assume only we in the front could see since his kit was so small (see the swirl here).  About mid way through the set, the projector had moved a bit and I think a helpful fan straightened it out for him. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: October 2, 2015] Clarke and the Himselfs

2015-10-02 20.45.59Friday night was going to be my first time seeing Built to Spill and my first time going to Union Transfer, the fabled Philly venue.  I couldn’t believe the show started at 8:30 and there would be 2 opening acts.  I estimated getting home at 2AM which proved to be accurate.

I’d never heard of either opening act so I didn’t mind if I got there a little late.  But as it turned out, there was no traffic and I wound getting there about 20 minutes early.  Which was cool since there was hardly anyone there.  In fact, there was a row of people leaning against the stage and that was it (and a lot more in the bar and balcony) .  So I staked my claim near the stage and waited for Clarke. (more…)

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