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[DID NOT ATTEND: July 13, 2022] Kevin Devine / Anika Pyle

The embarrassment of riches continued on July 13.  Initially the Bikini Kill show was rescheduled for this date–but it was postponed again.

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Devine for a few years.  I feel like I’ve seen him a bunch because he so often plays around here.  And yet I have only seen him three time (twice solo and once with his Goddamn Band).  I would love to see him again and would absolutely gone to see this show except that Foxing, a band I saw once who were amazing live were playing the same night.

I actually had tickets for this show but decided kind of last minute to see Foxing instead–it hadn’t sold out so I got a ticket at the box office.

I feel like it is far more likely that I’ll see Kevin Devine again soon.

Anika Pyle has written her own bio on he site:

Many know me as the front person in the short-lived but well-loved Chumped or the feminine exploration power pop project katie ellen. In February of 2021, I released my first solo record – Wild River  – a mix of song and spoken word poetry paying homage to my late father who died suddenly in 2019. The record explores failure, shame resilience, intergenerational trauma, and how to find hope after grief.

I hadn’t heard of her.  The few clips I’ve heard make it seem like her music is slow and moody.  Not my favorite mix.

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