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[ATTENDED: October 21, 2022] Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

I’m not exactly sure how I discovered Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.  They are an Australian band and they are weird and pretty wonderful.

I wondered if they had any connection to fellow weird and wonderful Australians King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, but Perth and Melbourne are over 2,000 miles apart and it takes about 36 hours to drive from one to the other.  Which is about as long as it would take for someone in NJ to drive to Las Vegas.

Seeing them at Underground Arts was really fun because I was right up on the stage–I got to see Rodney the Turtle sing backing vocals).

I’ve listened to the band’s records a bunch, but somehow I didn’t expect the crowd to be quite so frenzied.  The songs are fast and frenzied (and not really psychedelic at all) and a Friday night Philly crowd is just waiting for a chance to slam and surf.  I was luckily just off to the side so I wasn’t in the pit at all.

PPC have three guitarists.  Jack McEwan is the band’s vocalist and main songwriter (he’s actually British, but moved to Australia when he a teenager.  Luke Parish is the lead guitarist for the band, although McEwan also plays lead and Chris Young plays the guitar/keyboard (which also includes lead–sometimes all three play leads at the same time).  Danny Caddy is the band’s drummer.  Wayan Billondana plays bass.  He was in front of me on the stage and his bass playing was outstanding.

The show opened up with the band placing Rodney the Turtle front and center.   I was concerned that someone might try to walk off with Rodney, but the fans behaved themselves.  And he sat patiently until a spotlight shone on him as operatic music started.

As the operatic song came to a close, the band came out and bashed into “Tally-ho,” a fast song full of wild guitar and funky rhythms that set the tone for the night.

The band jumped all over their discography, playing songs from their 5 albums.

Songs like “Lava Lamp Pisco” feature these wonderfully catchy high notes (sung and played on guitar) that act as a massive hook.  But no hook is as big and catchy as the riff of “Bill’s Mandolin” which got the crowd bouncing.  The floor would have been bouncing if we weren’t underground on bedrock.

More terrific riffs followed in “Mundungus” and then things slowed down for a breather in “Found God in a Tomato” the first of many from their debut album.  Things stayed mellow and actually got jazzy for the only track from High Visceral Part 2, “November.”

Like Acid Dad, PPC projected psychedelic images behind them.  It was cool when it showed up on them and their faces swirled around.

People went berserk for the riff of “Hymn for a Droid.”  I assume that most of us knew PPC because of And Now for the Whatchamacallit which i think was the first (and only for a while) PPC record you could get here.  I happen to love this song especially the middle section which sounds like one of my favorite Supergrass songs.

Even though they released their latest album Nigh Gnomes fairly recently, they only played two songs from it (“Lava Lamp” and the thumping and rocking “Acid Dent.”

The band was genuinely excited to be playing to a large (for them…in the States) crowd.  They had previously played to 100 person rooms and this room was four times the size.  And the crowd was really into it.

They ended the set with three songs from High Visceral Part 1–the three opening tracks in reverse order.  “Marmalade March,” has a series of great catchy riffs as the march proceeds to stomp all over the song.  “Cubensis Lenses” continues the riffing that culminated in a spectacular encore of “Cornflake,” which they stretched out far longer than its three minute recorded version.  It shifts back and forth between a big catchy riff and very mellow verses.

My son’s friend had seen them in New York the night before and he said I would love the show and I absolutely did.  It really got me out of my funk of less than stellar shows.  Which is just as well as there were two more shows in the next two nights.

  1. Tally-Ho ¿
  2. Lava Lamp Pisco
  3. Bill’s Mandolin &
  4. Mundungus ¿
  5. Found God in a Tomato
  6. November
  7. Mr. Prism ¿
  8. Hymn for a Droid &
  9. Acid Dent
  10. Marmalade March
  11. Cubensis Lenses
  12. Cornflake

♠ Night Gnomes (2022)
¿ SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound (2021)
& And Now for the Whatchamacallit (2019)
¶¶ High Visceral (Part 2) (2017)
¶ High Visceral (Part 1) (2016)

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[ATTENDED: October 21, 2022] Acid Dad

I became aware of Acid Dad through the Reverberation Appreciation Society and Levitation Records which aired a number of live shows during lockdown.  I’ve actually learned about a half dozen really cool bands from these lockdown shows.

I was especially intrigued about Acid Dad and had hoped to see them with Hooveriii at Philamoca (but I went to see Torres that night instead).

But here was Acid Dad opening for Psychedelic Porn Crumpets–a great opportunity to see two bands on my gotta see list.

I hadn’t realized that Acid Dad have no bassist (well, there is bass on the records).  Rather, for this show there were two guitars Vaughn Hunt and Sean Fahey and their drummer, Trevor Mustoe   I also didn’t realize that both guitarists sang lead on different songs. And the way the guitars played off of each other (with them each playing riffs and using all kinds of pedals) the bass was not missed (and I love a good bass line).

Rather, they played their kicking riffs and catchy choruses one after the other, which each guitarist showing some soloing chops.

They have a great retro sound because it seems to reference a whole bunch of musical styles–there’s a classic rock vibe, but there’s also a Jesus and Mary Chain feel (in the vocals and the fuzz).

I was really surprised by how hard they rocked live.  Their recorded output is a little gentler, but they ripped their songs (maybe with just the three of them they played harder).  Indeed, Mustoe broke a stick three quarters of the way through the show.  He threw it to the crowd but it got stuck in the cables at the front of the stage (amazingly no one climbed up to get it).

They played for about 45 minutes, which was great as they played through a bunch of new songs, including their brand new single, as well as a few older songs too.

I also really enjoyed their backdrops, which was full of all kinds of cool psychedelic images.  It was like a retro show with oily colors drifting behind the band, except that it was wholly modern and high tech.  It totally captured the band’s vibe.

  1. Mr. Major
  2. Searchin’
  3. Get Me High [single]
  4. RC Driver
  5. Don’t Get Taken $
  6. Dissin’
  7. BBQ
  8. She Only Eats Organic
  9. Living With a Creature [single]
  10. Marine

⊗ Take It from the Dead (2021)
∀ Acid Dad (2018)
$ Let’s Plan a Robbery (2016)

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[DID NOT ATTEND: October 18, 2021] Frankie and the Witch Fingers / Acid Dad / Hooveriii

Over the quarantine, I have discovered the good fun of the Levitation online concert series and The Reverberation Appreciation Society.  I’ve enjoyed some great concerts from psychedelic garage bands.  So when it was announce with little fanfare that two bands I have really gotten to enjoy: Hooveriii and Acid Dad were going to be playing at PhilaMOCA with Frankie & the Witch Fingers (who i didn’t know), I was really excited at a chance for a night of psychedelic fun.  Then it turned out to be on the same night as the Torres show.

The Torres show that I bought tickets for in December of 2019!

It was a really hard choice to pick which show to go to.  Even though I had tickets for Torres already, they weren’t that expensive and I bought them almost three years ago!  I spend the week before this show trying to decide who I wanted to see.  I had seen Torres twice before (she’s amazing live).  I had never seen any of the other three.  Up until that morning I was still trying to decide.

Then as the morning struck, I decided that I would go to this show.  At work, I watched some live footage of Frankie and then i watched a recent live show from KEXP with Torres.  And after listening to the interview with Torres, she won out.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see all three bands together again, but I’m sure that at least the two openers will be back around.

But Markit Aneight was there to record all three bands

Frankie and the Witch Fingers

Acid Dad


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