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aaaOkay, so this magazine doesn’t really count.  AAA World comes free with a AAA membership.  And in the past we would just recycle it unopened.  Then one month, the cover article looked interesting and we enjoyed it.  Since then, I always make sure to at least flip though it.  And, yes the target audience for the magazine is older than me.  But heck, it’s a useful place to find vacation info, if nothing else.

There’s also, of course, a lot of stuff about how much you save by being a AAA member.  I’m not entirely sure what the writers for this magazine think they’re doing.  Are they “real” writers?  Are they just shills for AAA?  It’s hard to say.  And yet almost every article has a byline, so good for them.

The opening articles are usually just things that have changed in the magazine or with AAA itself.  And then there’s lots and lots of ads.  The ads are primarily for vacations, so I guess that’s nice.

Each issue also features destination trips.  In this case: Baltimore, Williamsburg & Lancaster (the magazine is regional–we’re in the MidAtlantic region–so, aside from the article on a major destination, all of the ads and such are within reach). (more…)

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