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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 17, 2022] Wilco

When Wilco announced that they were going to play Yankee Hotel Foxtrot straight through–in Chicago and New York City–I knew I had to try to get a ticket.

Amazingly, I scored one–a fantastic seat–on Sunday April 17.  Which was, I later found out, Easter Sunday.  Easter is not a huge holiday for us, but it is a family gathering, and I didn’t feel right going out on the Sunday.  Especially to a place that i knew nothing about, location and parking-wise.  I tried to sell the ticket but wasn’t able to.  So I ate it along with my Easter ham.

A couple of days before hand, there was some grousing that the band (known for their long shows) only played the whole album an a few encores.  They played fourteen songs on the first night.  By my night (night three). they had bumped it up to 19 songs.  But it seems like maybe the band were annoyed that people wanted more…

I have a little regret for not going–it will certainly never be played like this again.  But it was not that big a deal to miss out.  Especially since I had been in a massive cancelling on shows streak. (more…)

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