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[ATTENDED: May 30, 2018] Aurora

I first saw Aurora on a Tiny Desk Concert and I was mesmerized by the then 19-year-old.  There is somethings so innocent and sincere about her–so open, that it almost feels like you’re seeing something you shouldn’t.

I knew then (October 2016 when I watched it) that I wanted to see her live.  Turns out she was playing in Philly a few days after that but I missed the show, so I just had to wait until she came back.

Which was a year and a half later.  Turns out the Norwegian singer has written a lot of songs but doesn’t seem to record them very much.  And she didn’t come back to Philly. She was in New York for the Governor’s Ball and did an after dark show at the Bowery Ballroom.  Since I was not going to go to the Governor’s Ball, Bowery would have to do.

I try not to go to shows in NYC much anymore because the hassle is so great, but this one was worth it. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: May 30, 2018] Flora Cash

Flora Cash had a pretty thankless task when they came out at the Bowery Ballroom.

Aurora was performing her only area appearance (aside from a show at Governor’s Ball that I knew I wasn’t going to).  And there was no word of an opening band.  It seemed unlikely that she wouldn’t have one, but as late as that evening, there was no word about one.

So when Flora Cash guitarist Cole Randall came out with his hair bleached the color of Aurora’s for a split second many of us thought it was her–until we saw his black beard.

Randall played an acoustic guitar and sang while his partner Shpresa Lleshaj played the laptop–playing beats and backing tracks while she sang lead and backing vocals.

Flora Cash’s backstory was more exciting than their music, I will admit.  They told us about how they met between songs, but here’s the condensed version from their website: (more…)

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