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[DID NOT ATTEND: May 18, 2023] The New Pornographers / Wild Pink

I saw New Pornographers’ back in 2019 (I didn’t realize it was quite so long ago).  I enjoyed the show quite a lot.  And almost wondered if I didn’t need to see them again since they played pretty much everything I wanted to see.

But when they announced this show (in the same place), I immediately grabbed a ticket.

But then May 18 proved to be a hugely popular night for shows.  There was Richard Thompson, Kevin Devine and, most importantly, Acid Mothers Temple.

I have seen AMT more than New Pornographers, but it’s such a fun treat for AMT to come to the States (they had several shows cancelled because of the pandemic), that I couldn’t pass it up.

So even though I heard  the New Pornographers show was great (by all accounts), I was pretty pleased with the AMT show.

Wild Pink plays pleasant but kind of dull music.  I listened to a few songs and kind of forgot that they were on.  So it felt like a push towards Acid Mothers Temple.

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