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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 28, 2022] Stick Men / Tim Motzer [rescheduled from August 5, 2020 and April 1, 2021]

April 28th turned out to be a banner night of shows.  There were four I was interested in seeing–three of those I was really interested in.  It was very hard to choose especially since one of them was a show rescheduled to that night and I already had tickets to a different one.

The rescheduled show was Stick Men, the trio comprised of Tony Levin and Pat Mastellotto from King Crimson and Michael Bernier, one of the foremost players of the Chapman Stick guitar thing.  Bernier and Levin both play them during the set (hence the name).  I’ve wanted to see them every since I heard about them (A chance to se Tony Levin right up close!).  But Stick Men seems to tour quite a lot, and now that King Crimson is more or less dissolved for good, I assume they’ll be touring a bit more.  So when Son Lux, a band I’ve tried and failed to see twice before) was scheduled for the same night, I had to see them while I had the chance.

Tim Motzer is an experimental guitarist.  Apparently you never know what you’re going to get with him.

Both Motzer and the Stick Men show were streamed for a couple of days afterward, so I was able to see them both, which is nice.

An excerpt from Motzer is here.  I don’t see Stick Men available anymore.

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