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[ATTENDED: March 9, 2019] Talos

When I saw that Talos was opening for Aurora. I looked them up online and heard a couple of songs which I thought sounded cool.  They were ethereal and soaring with lead singer Eoin French’s vocals rising to an incredible falsetto.

Turns out Talos are from Cork, Ireland and the band is largely French’s creation.   As I understand it, he created all of the music on his first album (which was more electronic) and now has this massive five-piece backing him.  Although on stage there were five total, so I’m not sure who was actually at our show.

The band made amazing atmospheric music.  Between the synths that the keyboardist/bassist was playing and the guitar/synths that French played, the songs were just full of textures.  Couple that with French’s voice which was really powerful but could also reach staggering heights, and add in the flair and splash of a drummer and a percussionist and you have an amazing symphonic sound that really rocks.

They had a Sigur Rós vibe, but were definitely doping their own thing. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: March 9, 2019] Sean McVerry

After seeing Aurora in New York last year, I knew I’d go see her again if she came back to the States.  So I was pretty excited that she was scheduled to play Union Transfer.  I bought three tickets–one for me, one for S. and one for T.  This was going to be her first club show.  She had been to an arena to see Katy Perry, but I thought this experience would be really different for her.

Going in, she honestly wasn’t quite as excited about the whole thing as I thought she’d be.  I guess we’ve been to enough performances that this one didn’t seem very different.  We found a great spot against one of the lower raised sections.  This allowed S. and T. to rest against the wall and still have a great view.

Before the show, I listened to one or two songs from the opening act, Talos, and liked what I heard–atmospheric and keyboardy with high vocals and a cool rocking undercurrent.  So I was surprised when a nicely dressed fellow came out with an acoustic guitar. (more…)

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