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[ATTENDED: January 26, 2018] Bad Bad Hats

I hadn’t heard of Bad Bad Hats before this show, but I quickly became a fan of their music and especially singer/guitarist Kerry Alexander.  In addition to writing catchy alt-rock songs, she had the most enjoyable between-song banter I’ve heard in ages.

Her delivery was really dry–whether as an act or her natural way of speaking, I’m not sure.  But she told hilarious anecdotes to go with these songs, often deadpan and unexpectedly funny.

And the songs were really fun too.  I talked to her briefly after the show and she was super nice, as you might expect someone from Minnesota to be.  Her band even sold pennants which I found adorable. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: January 26, 2018] Sunbathe

Most shows at Union Transfer start at 8:30, so I didn’t even check the ticket for this show.  I arrived at like 8:20 and heard a band already on stage.  I assumed it was Bad Bad Hats, the opening act.  But as they finished up the song they were playing, they said thanks and left.  There was no way an opening band would play only 20 minutes.

Well, it turns out that Sunbathe was added to the bill at some point and they went on first.  I enjoyed what I heard when I walked in, and I really enjoyed the  that I heard.  I was absolutely ready for more.

I spoke to guitarist / vocalist Maggie May Morris and she was super friendly.   (more…)

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