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[DID NOT ATTEND: October 2, 2021] MC Lars & Mega Ran & MC Frontalot & Schaffer The Darklord

There were two reasons I wanted to go to this show.  First, I have never been to Kung Fu Necktie–I seem to keep missing out on shows there.  Second, this night of nerd rap sounded hilarious.

I had been listening to MC Lars a bit leading up to this show. I’ve listened to the other guys as well and gotten more or less the same kick out of them,

But when it came down to it, I had been out several Saturday nights in a row and I had been to see Primus the night before, and I was going to a show on Sunday as well, so I decided to skip this one.

I sure hope the four of them tour again (I mean, who else would have any one of them?).

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