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[ATTENDED: August 7, 2022] Phish

I was pretty tired for this show and not really looking to the long day ahead.  But I had pretty much assured myself that this would be my last Phish show, so I’d be sure to enjoy it.

I entered through the gate under the stage which was weird and kind of fun and I wound up right by Paige again.  I was also cutting it pretty close to the start (parking this time in a garage not too far away from the stage–an excellent choice).

They came out pretty soon after and played a ripping “Wolfman’s Brother” a song on my “Gotta See List.”  So that was a good sign.  And it was an unexpectedly long jam.  There was some watery funky bass and riffs and peaks from Trey and dirty watery sounds from Page and Mike as well.  A great start.

And then they jumped right into “Tube.”  Tube is one of those wonderfully mythic live song that is so much fun to hear.  Between these two songs they’d jammed almost thirty minutes already.

They followed it up with a mellow song I didn’t recognize (even though I love Farmhouse), the ballad “Mountains of the Mist.”  At this point I was getting annoyed by the people around me (so many smokers!) so I had to move.

They moved onto a bouncy version of Ocelet, a song I’ve wanted to hear live for a long time (two on my gotta see list already!).   This one seemed delicate and almost tiptoe-like as it danced around the sand until it took off for some good jamming with some nice peaks

Sadly, that would be the end of my checklist for the night.

And yet that would be okay because the songs they played were just some of my all time big thumbs up yesses. (more…)

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[DID NOT ATTEND: August 6, 2022] Phish

I simply don’t think I have it in me to drive to Atlantic City three days in a row.  And I’m not going to get a hotel room.  So I tend to blow of the middle of three shows there.

Here’s what I missed

The Setlist

Set 1: 46 Days > The Moma Dance, Olivia’s Pool > My Soul, 555 > NICU > Bathtub Gin, Heavy Rotation > Character Zero, Moonage Daydream

Set 2: No Men In No Man’s Land > Tweezer, Set Your Soul Free > Simple > Backwards Down the Number Line > Golgi Apparatus > Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: A Life Beyond The Dream, Tweezer Reprise

Overall, a decent mix of songs.  There were two that I’ve seen a bunch and only one on my Must See list.  So it was probably a good decision to bail.

The six, five and four timers club (bolded songs were played tonight so my number would be one up)

  1. Mike’s Song [6]
  2. Weekapaug Groove [6]
  3. Split open and Melt [5]
  4. You Enjoy Myself [5]
  5. Suzy Greenberg [5]
  6. Wilson [5]
  7. Roggae
  8. 46 Days
  9. Slave to the Traffic Light
  10. Everything’s Right
  11. More
  12. Carini
  13. I am Hydrogen

I have selected the 36 or so songs that I want to hear live (the ones on the bottom are the rest of the Kasvot Voxt album and it would be cool to get the whole thing, but not essential).  These are in order of frequency of play (“Possum” is their second most frequently played song and I have not yet heard it live), which means likelihood I’ll hear them I guess.

  1. Possum [548]  (Weekapaug Groove has been played 497 times and I’ve heard it 5 times)
  2. Golgi Apparatus [469]   would have been nice to hear that one.
  3. Cavern [467]
  4. Foam [349]
  5. Lizards [325]  (Split Open and Melt has been played 332 times and I have seen it 5 times)
  6. Maze [326]
  7. Sample in a Jar [298] [saw it TREY SOLO]
  8. Fee [283]    (Slave to the Traffic Light has been played 272 time and I have seen it 4 times)
  9. It’s Ice [243]
  10. Silent in the Morning [185]
  11. Punch You in the Eye [161]
  12. Prince Caspian [165]
  13. Twist [160]
  14. Scent of a Mule [137]
  15. Guyute [132]
  16. Heavy Things [95] [TAB played it]
  17. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan [79]
  18. Farmhouse [82] [TREY played it]
  19. Joy [52]
  20. A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing [43]   (Everything’s Right has been played 42 times and i have seen it 4 times)
  21. Pebbles and Marbles [27]
  22. Weigh [44]
  23. Big Black Furry Creatures from Mars [131]
  24. Kung [38]
  25. Fuck Your Face [18]
  26. Mexican Cousin [15]
  27. Ass Handed [17]
  28. Colonel Forbin/Mockingbird
  29. *Stray Dog [Kasvot Växt] [4]
  30. *Everything is Hollow [Kasvot Växt] [3]
  31. *We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains [Kasvot Växt] [9]
  32. *Play By Play [Kasvot Växt] [3]


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[ATTENDED: August 5, 2022] Phish

I saw phish earlier this summer and wasn’t sure if I was up for another Atlantic City run.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle all three nights, so I decided to do Friday and Sunday.  I also decided that this might be my final Phish shows, these being numbers fourteen and fifteen.

I decided to drive to Atlantic City straight from work on Friday night.  It saved a little grief, although not a lot of time.  I also wound up arriving fairly early, but apparently nowhere near early enough to get the famous Atlantic City posters (people started lining up for them at 2PM).   I parked in the Bass Pro Shops, which I pre-paid for, but I think that it would have been free because the store was closed.  Or something.  It was confusing.

So I wandered around A/C for a bit and enjoyed being plenty early.  The mood was good and I managed to walk all the way through the people set up with blankets and got a walked pretty close to the Paige side of the stage.

One of the bad things as far as Phish for me is that I have never really gotten close to the band–never gotten GA tickets.  So I thought it would be cool to be close (even with so many other people around).

Well, I enjoyed the view and the breeze and was soon rewarded with one my favorite songs “Chalk Dust Torture.”  It was quickly followed by a second favorite “Wilson.”

When Phish plays the shore, they play thematically appropriate songs like “Sand,” a slinky slow grooving song.  Although they had jammed Chalk Dust, this one they stetched out over ten minutes with a grooving mellow jam that seamlessly bounced back to the rugged raw melody of the song before segueing into “Plasma.”  “Plasma” had a bouncy ebullient jam with lots of swirling grooving keys behind Trey’s solos.

This led into a “Theme from the Bottom” a song I really like–many parts, weird melodies and it’s thematically appropriate.  Even though they had just played it at the Mann center back in July. Now I was under the impression that Phish almost never played the same song more than once in a tour.  I know that’s not true.  It may have been true for some tours in the past, but is no longer the case, with some songs getting multiple plays in a tour, but still I was really quite surprised that they played a song  that I heard last month.

This one had a lot of piano and kept a happy vibe as by this time my feet were in the ocean and things were very chill.  It segued into a bouncy “Back on the Train.”  There was a good long solo with so me nice high peaks.

Phish shows, especially at the Mann and Atlantic City are very strange for me because I can actually move around. Usually I am planted in my spot and the only moving I do is to schooch up or move back away from obnoxious people.  So to have the huge amount of freedom that the shore affords is a little unnerving to me.   It’s also my fourteenth Phish show and I’ve given up on the idea of “watching” the band and have accepted that Phish shows are more about the experience.  So yes, sometimes you’re walking away and looking at the water or the sky or the people dancing or whatever.

Then I got my first experience of the title track of their new album “Sigma Oasis.”.  I really like the album and I like this song quiet a bit.  I never expected it to run for over 21 minutes (the 6th longest Phish song I’ve seen them play).  A 20 minute jam on the beach is an interesting thing because you can really wander around and enjoy the sights and everything.  But you still want to get into the vibe and the lights.  I think that the air of COVID has made my usual hesitancy about strangers even more pronounced at events like this, so I’m even more standoffish than usual.  (more…)

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[ATTENDED: July 19, 2022] Phish

This was my thirteenth Phish show (thus making it the most I have seen any band).  Going to a show two nights in a row is tough (although I have done it many times).  But going to a show at the Mann Center two nights in a row is really tough.  Especially when it is very hot and I know I’ll be standing the whole time.

But Phish never disappoints at a two night Mann Center run.

This time I decided to stand on the concrete behind the seats for most of the set.  I snuck into the seated area a few times (and did managed to park it during intermission) but it’s such chaos down there that it was sometimes harder to see anything.

I wound up much of the night standing near a guy and his son.  It was the son’s first show and they were following the band onto Ohio for a run of three or four shows.  And the kid got a good show!

They opened with a perfect sing for such a hot night–a sultry, slow building “Steam.”  This was my third time seeing them play it and I feel like it may have been the best–it really sounded great (maybe because it opened the show?).  They changed things up with a bouncy “Runaway Jim.”

Then they blew my mind by tossing in a segment from “Colonel Forbin’s Ascent.”  From time to time they will play pieces of this ancient song cycle that Trey wrote as a youth.  I would love to see this whole thing performed live although I know I never will.  But to get snippets of it here and there is wonderful.  So here was “Tela” which leaves just a couple of songs left from The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday.

The mellow “Tela” jumped into a song I don’t think about too often but which is a lot of fun live: “Kill Devil Falls.”  It’s bouncy and lively and just a big ball of summer fun.  They jammed that out for 11 minutes until it segued into the delightful “Theme from the Bottom.”  I really enjoy this song and there was some great soloing in it as well.

They followed it with “Birds of a Feather.”  Story of the Ghost was the first new album of Phish material that I got into back in the day and this song has always been a favorite, so I’m always thrilled to hear it live.  But as the song was ending I couldn’t help but notice that a tech guy was bringing what sure looked like a vacuum cleaner out to the stage.  No.  Frickin.  Way.

The three guys started an a capella “I Didn’t Know” and Trey announced “Ladies and gentlemen, he only breathes water, but he sucks air.  It’s Moses Brown, Moses Heaps, and Moses DeWitt” .  Paige and Mike played a jazzy melody while Trey played the drums and maple ample use of Fishman’s sample pad. While Fish played  the first vacuum solo I’ve seen in person!

They followed that with a “Funky Bitch,” a song I’ve seen a few times and which is always a blast to see live because they rock it hard.  They ended the set with “Split Open an Melt.”  I enjoy a good “S.O.A.M.” (and this was a good one) but I can’t believe I’ve seen this song five times and have yet to see a “Possum” which they have played at 200 MORE shows in their history.

But a stretched out 15 minute SOAM was certainly a fun set ender with its noisy, growly, echoey, dirty guitar sounds and Paige’s complementary synth noises taking everything down into the darkness (along with Chris Kuroda’s lights) until it pulled us all back out again.

They opened set two with “AC/DC Bag” a song that seems to be on every live record they’ve put out and which I couldn’t believe I hadn’t actually seen live myself before.  So it was fun to get the crowd energy of this old classic, especially when jammed out to ten minutes.

The song jumped right into “Soul Planet” a Try song that I didn’t know and hadn’t heard before but which rocked perfectly. and also stretched out for ten minutes.  It’s amazing how many songs these guys know.

The jam seemed like it was getting darker and darker buy they quickly pulled it out into a bright “Simple,” one of my favorite songs of theirs.  This jam was nearly 15 minutes long and had a weird middle part with warm washes of synths from Paige while Trey soloed away, creating a very unusual feel for a Phish song.  But it came out of that pretty quickly and returned to Trey’s new favorite raw, dirty guitar sound.

The groove then bounced into “Light,” an upbeat jaunty number that I’m rather fond of.  The jam bounced around a few different styles and ended up in a “Party Time”!  I’d never seen one live and the crowd completely got into the vibe.

Trey slowed things down for a mellow “Lonely Trip” after which Fish started the frenetic high hat that could only mean “David Bowie” was coming.  I love this song and this was only my second time hearing it.  It’s funny how Trey had a hard time with the formal parts of the songs yesterday but was (mostly) spot on for these more challenging ones today.

This show was not high on my list for scoring new songs to check off (although I did get a few), but it was a solid rocker from start to finish and a fully enjoyable one with some great songs thrown in.

Last night I left the show as quickly as possible.  On this night the parking was utter chaos with no one directing us anywhere.  I parked in a spot that was probably not even legal–in the circle, on the grass.  I also crept near the exit for the encore.

The encore was probably my favorite mellow Phish song.  “Waste.”  I love the sentiment of the chorus “come waste your time with me.”  It dates all the way back to 1996 but it still works.  I don’t love a mellow encore, so I was happy that there was one more tacked on.  A rollicking “Loving Cup.”   I never really gave this song much thought until I saw Phish play it live.  They have a lot of fun with it and the crowd really gets into it. It’s a solid encore and a good night ender.

That parking spot proved to be perfect because I didn’t have to merge with anyone.  I backed out successfully and was on the road leading out in no time at all.  They were the two most successful exits from the Mann center ever.  They almost made me want to go back.

Maybe next summer.



The five and four timers club

  1. Mike’s Song [5]
  2. Weekapaug Groove [5]
  3. Split open and Melt [5]
  4. Roggae
  5. You Enjoy Myself
  6. 46 Days
  7. Slave to the Traffic Light
  8. Suzy Greenberg
  9. Wilson
  10. Everything’s Right (this Trey song is getting A LOT of play).

A Phish.net site lists every song that Phish has every played and when the last time it was played.  So I decided to make my own personal ultimate list of Phish songs I’d like to see.

According to that site, I have seen 123 different songs and there are 184 songs [not including the dozens of one-offs that they will not repeat] that I have not heard them play.

The completist in me would love to hear all 184 of those songs, (some they haven’t played in years, so that’s unlikely).  But given that enormous list, I have now selected the 36 or so songs that I want to hear live (the ones on the bottom are the rest of the Kasvot Voxt album and it would be cool to get the whole thing, but not essential).  These are in order of frequency of play (“Possum” is their second most frequently played song and I have not yet heard it live), which means likelihood I’ll hear them I guess.

The Gotta See List (Number in brackets is the number of times the band has played the song)

  1. Possum [548]  (Weekapaug Groove has been played 497 times and I’ve heard it 5 times)
  2. Golgi Apparatus [469]
  3. Cavern [467]
  4. Foam [349]
  5. Lizards [325]  (Split Open and Melt has been played 332 times and I have seen it 5 times)
  6. Maze [326]
  7. Sample in a Jar [298] [saw it TREY SOLO]
  8. Fee [283]    (Slave to the Traffic Light has been played 272 time and I have seen it 4 times)
  9. It’s Ice [243]
  10. Wolfman’s Brother [220]
  11. Silent in the Morning [185]
  12. Punch You in the Eye [161]
  13. Prince Caspian [165]
  14. Twist [160]
  15. Scent of a Mule [137]
  16. Guyute [132]
  17. Heavy Things [95] [TAB played it]
  18. Sleeping Monkey [94]
  19. Ocelot [94] [TAB played it]
  20. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan [79]
  21. Farmhouse [82] [TREY played it]
  22. Joy [52]
  23. A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing [43]   (Everything’s Right has been played 42 times and i have seen it 4 times)
  24. Pebbles and Marbles [27]
  25. Weigh [44]
  26. Big Black Furry Creatures from Mars [131]
  27. Kung [38]
  28. Axilla (Part II) [46]
  29. Fuck Your Face [18]
  30. Mexican Cousin [15]
  31. Ass Handed [17]
  32. Colonel Forbin/Mockingbird
  33. *Stray Dog [Kasvot Växt] [4]
  34. *Everything is Hollow [Kasvot Växt] [3]
  35. *We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains [Kasvot Växt] [9]
  36. *Play By Play [Kasvot Växt] [3]



July 20, 2022 [Mann Center night 2 of 2] July 19, 2022 [Mann Center night 1 of 2]
Steam (8:27) [3] Space Oddity [David Bowie] (5:27) (a cappella) (first time since 2017)
Runaway Jim (11:50) [2] Martian Monster (5:50) [2]
Tela (6:46) Halley’s Comet (17:03) [2] (Richard Wright cover)
Kill Devil Falls (10:59) [2] Stash (11:57)
Theme from the Bottom (7:51) [2] The Moma Dance (7:22) [3]
Birds of a Feather (6:16) [3] Gotta Jibboo (8:09) [2]
I Didn’t Know (4:36) [with vacuum solo] (Richard Wright) Shade (4:27) [saw Trey perform at Newport]
Funky Bitch (6:48) [3] (Son Seals) Old Home Place (3:27) (The Dillards)
Split Open and Melt (14:58) [5] Walls of the Cave (11:49) (3)
AC/DC Bag (10:01) More (5:37) [3]
Soul Planet (9:51) [Trey song] Tweezer (15:54) [3]
Simple (14:50) [3] Cities (5:03) [Talking Heads]
Light (9:28) [3] Tweezer (4:53) [3]
Party Time (7:34) Passing Through [Kasvot Växt] (4:34)
Lonely Trip (7:34) [Trey song] Izabella (4:01) [2] (Jimi Hendrix)
David Bowie (13:10) [2] Tweezer (4:40) [3]
ENCORE Mercury (7:30) 
Waste (5:29) [2] Piper (13:59) [2]
Loving Cup (7:41) [2] (Rolling Stones) Tweezer (1:11) [3]
Also Sprach Zarathustra / 2001 (7:48) [2] (Richard Strauss cover)
Character Zero (7:26) [2]
Drift While You’re Sleeping [Ghosts of the Forest] (11:45)
Tweezer Reprise (3:37) [3]


August 15, 2021 [Atlantic City night 3 of 3] August 14, 2021 [Atlantic City night 2 of 3]
The Landlady (6:08) Llama [slow version] (8:03)
Scents and Subtle Sounds (pt. 1) (1:59) Tube (7:56) [2]
The Moma Dance [slow] (14:06) Destiny Unbound (7:24)
The Final Hurrah [Kasvot Växt] (8:25) [2] Ya Mar (6:36)
Mike’s Song (9:30) [5] 46 Days (7:57) [4]
I am Hydrogen (2:56) [3] Reba [no whistle] (12:03) [2]
Weekapaug Groove (8:09) [5] Soul Shakedown Party (6:02)
The Sloth (4:32) Split Open and Melt (15:36) [4]
Roggae (8:18) [4] The Squirming Coil (9:57)
Back on the Train (5:23) [2]
You Enjoy Myself (20:02) [4]
Carini (15:44) [3] I Never Needed You Like This Before (5:21)
Set Your Soul Free (10:49) [Trey Song] [2] Drowned (15:54)
Beneath a Sea of Starts (Part 1) [Ghosts of the Forest] (8:20) [2] Ghost [slow version] (11:47) [1 first slow version]
Piper (11:57) [a bit more Carini] Scents and Subtle Sounds (pt 2 only) (4:56)
Waves (6:33) Chalk Dust Torture (8:30) [2]
Simple (6:42) [2] No Quarter (8:06)
About to Run [Ghosts of the Forest song] (6:47) [2] Slave to the Traffic Light (10:15) [4]
First Tube (8:21) Suzy Greenberg (7:48) [4]
ENCORE A Life Beyond the Dream (7:46)
Fluffhead (15:01) Tweezer Reprise (3:38) [2]
Backwards Down the Number Line (8:45) [2]


December 30, 2019 Madison Square Garden [night 3 of 4] December 29, 2019 Madison Square Garden [night 2 of 4]
Wilson (4:49) (4) Turtle in the Clouds (7:51) [Kasvot Växt]
The Final Hurrah (7:37) [Kasvot Växt] The Moma Dance (7:54) (2)
46 Days (8:40)  (3) Kill Devil Falls (8:40)
The Ballad of Curtis Loew (5:02) [Lynyrd Skynyrd cover]  Yarmouth Road (7:12) [Mike song]
Blaze On (17:17) (3) The Wedge (7:41)
Corinna (5:32) [Taj Mahal cover] Beauty of a Broken Heart (5:28) [Page song]
Mike’s Song (6:24) (4) Fuego (9:16) (2)
Contact (6:13) My Friend, My Friend (5:25) (no Myfe ending)
Weekapaug Groove (4:59) (4) Birds of a Feather (5:42) (2)
About to Run (7:47) [Ghosts of the Forest song] While My Guitar Gently Weeps (7:12) [The Beatles cover] (first time since 2013)
More (8:18) (2) Walls of the Cave (11:07) (2)
Tweezer (36:08) (2) [LONGEST SONG I’VE SEEN] Carini (13:52) (2)
Pan Story (3:25) Back on the Train (6:22)
Ruby Waves (13:23) [Ghosts of the Forest] (2) Bathtub Gin (15:44)
Steam (with Tweezer reprise and Ruby Waves reprise) (11:53) (2) Golden Age [TV on the Radio] (11:06) (2)
Slave to the Traffic Light (9:28) (3) Also Sprach Zarathustra / 2001 (8:16) [Richard Strauss cover]
ENCORE Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley (5:12) [Lee Dorsey cover]
Rock & Roll (7:19) [Velvet Underground cover] Chalk Dust Torture (5:19)
Harry Hood (18:53)
Show of Life (5:35) [Trey song] (2)
Run Like an Antelope (9:08)


Camden, June 29, 2019
December 30, 2018 Madison Square Garden [night 3 of 4]
Mike’s Song (9:12) (3) Alumni Blues (5:14)
I Am Hydrogen (3:02) (2) Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues (1:53)
Weekapaug Groove (8:01) (3) Mike’s Song (9:14) (2)
Divided Sky (15:48) Glide II (4:03) (first since 1995)
Everything’s Right (9:50) [Trey song] (4) Weekapaug Groove (12:38) (2)
Guelah Papyrus (5:22) Crosseyed and Painless (8:50)
Sparkle (3:51) (3) Bliss (1:39)
Roggae (7:59) (3) Billy Breathes (5:35) (2)
46 Days (10:31) (2) No Men in No Man’s Land (7:50) (3)
SET TWO Tube > Weekapaug Groove > Tube (10:02)
Blaze On (9:23) (2) More (6:23)
NICU (4:57)  SET TWO
Golden Age (8:27) [TV on the Radio] Cool Amber and Mercury (9:35) [Kasvot Växt]
Ruby Waves (13:38)[Ghosts of the Forest] Everything’s Right (15:30) [Trey song] (3)
Death Don’t Hurt Very Long (2:57) [Kasvot Växt] Plasma (9:09)
Rift (6:11) (3) Light (20:01) (2)
Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1 (8:10) [Ghosts of the Forest] [debut] Wading in the Velvet Sea (5:25)
Waiting All Night (4:59) Split Open and Melt (18:26) (3)
Ghost (8:17) ENCORE
Say It to Me S.A.N.T.O.S (6:42) [Kasvot Växt] Funky Bitch (5:33) (2) (Son Seals)
ENCORE Wilson (4:10) (3)
You Enjoy Myself (19:50) (3) Rocky Top (2:40)
Grind (1:51) (a capella) Cavern (4:45)


Camden August 8, 2018
Camden, August 7, 2018
The Moma Dance (9:34) Crowd Control (5:20)
Free (8:03)  No Men in No Man’s Land (7:34) (2)
Undermind (8:27) Blaze On (11:22)
Theme From the Bottom (8:23) Lawn Boy (4:16)
My Sweet One (2:09) Infinite (9:26)
Steam (8:38) Wilson (4:08) (2)
Train Song (3:09) Roggae (9:29) (2)
Halley’s Comet (6:29) Rift (6:08) (2)
Everything’s Right [Trey song] (16:41) (2) 46 Days (9:41) [with Theme from S.W.A.T. tease]
SET TWO Sparkle (3:34) (2)
Julius (8:06) David Bowie (11:27)
Carini (11:49) SET TWO
Set Your Soul Free (10:52) [Trey song] Down with Disease (24:28) [3rd LONGEST SONG I’VE SEEN]
Wingsuit (9:05) Backwards Down the Number Line (8:28)
Scents and Subtle Sounds (12:04) I Always Wanted It That Way (8:45)
Waste (6:20) Miss You (6:25)
Split Open and Melt (11:59) (2) Light (16:30)
Character Zero (8:47) Mike’s Song (7:32)
ENCORE I Am Hydrogen (3:08)
Suzy Greenberg (6:33) (3) Weekapaug Groove (8:46)
Show of Life (Trey song) (6:02)


2017 Bakers Dozen Night 13 [Glazed]
2017 Bakers Dozen Night 1 [Coconut]
Dogs Stole Things (4:57) Shake Your Coconuts (3:37) [Junior Senior cover]
Rift (6:25) Martian Monster (6:02)
Ha Ha Ha (1:36) Timber ho! (8:29) [Josh White cover] (2)
Camel Walk (6:20) 555 (7:30)
Crazy Sometimes (7:38) [Mike song] Pigtail (8:00) [Trey song]
Saw It Again (6:08) Halfway to the Moon (8:44)
Sanity (5:32) Reba (12:53) (no whistling end)
Bouncing Around the Room (4:01) Moonage Daydream (6:07) [David Bowie cover]
Most Events Aren’t Planned (11:38) [Vida Blue song] Walls of the Cave (11:45)
Bug (7:05) SET TWO
I Been Around (3:55) Tweezer (16:12)
Izabella (6:42) [Jimi Hendrix song] Seven Below (13:10)
SET TWO Billy Breathes (5:27)
Simple (25:58) [2nd LONGEST SONG I’VE SEEN] Sparkle (4:08)
Rise/Come Together (7:28) [Trey song] Everything’s Right (11:42) [Trey song]
Starman (5:27) [David Bowie song] Slave to the Traffic Light (9:23) (2)
You Enjoy Myself (24:01) (2) [4th LONGEST SONG I’VE SEEN] Suzy Greenberg (8:09) (2)
Loving Cup (7:48) [The Rolling Stones song] Coconut (3:18) (a capella) [Harry Nilsson cover]
On the Road Again (2:32) [Willie Nelson cover] The Mango Song (7:42)
Lawn Boy Reprise (1:28) Good Times, Bad Times (5:44) [Led Zeppelin cover]
Bass Solo (0:30)
Tweezer Reprise (3:56)


2016 Mann Center
Wilson (5:09)
Funky Bitch (6:14) [Son Seals cover]
No Men in No Man’s Land (8:16)
Roggae (9:46)
Nellie Kane (2:59) [Hot Rize cover]
Gumbo (6:21)
Birds of a Feather (7:35)
Sleep Again (6:05) [Trey song]
Things People Do (2:49)
Limb By Limb (7:19)
Split Open and Melt (10:18)
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony (1:43)
Suzy Greenberg (6:40)
Fuego (16:04)
Runaway Jim (7:52)
Gotta Jibboo (8:51)
Breath and Burning (9:34)
Timber ho! (5:36) [Josh White cover]
Slave to the Traffic Light (9:36)
You Enjoy Myself (18:43)
Quinn the Eskimo (4:49) [Bob Dylan cover]




TREY ANASTASIO solo Newport Folk Fest 2019
SET ONE Sample in a Jar [PHISH] 
Sand (11:18) [PHISH] Blaze On [PHISH]
Sometime After Sunset (5:39) Brian and Robert [PHISH]
Mozambique (3:43) The Inlaw Josie Wales [PHISH]
Magilla (2:59) [PHISH] Set Your Soul Free
Gotta Jibboo (10:25) Back on the Train [PHISH]
Pigtail (6:29) Farmhouse [PHISH]
Curlew’s Call (9:38) Rise/Come Together [TAB]
Cayman Review (7:30) Shade [PHISH]
Ocelot (9:12) [PHISH] Summer of ’89 [PHISH]
Valentine (6:06) Sand [PHISH]
Tuesday (5:50) Snowflakes in the Sand [TAB]
Drifting (7:39) More [PHISH]
Night Speaks to a Woman (10:21)
Delta Lady (4:29) [Leon Russel]
Simple Twist Up Dave (9:30)
The Song (5:06)
Feel It Still (3:11) [Portugal, The Man]
49 Bye-Byes (4:42) [Crosby, Stills & Nash]
Last Tube (10:40)
Architect (7:18)
Clint Eastwood (7:43) [Gorillaz]
Black Dog (8:35) [Led Zeppelin]
The Parting Glass (3:02) [traditional]
Heavy Things (5:08) [PHISH]
Push On ‘Til The Day (10:23)


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[ATTENDED: July 19, 2022] Phish

This was my twelfth Phish show (thus making it the most I have seen any band).  I usually don’t mind going t o see bands by myself but Phish shows are the weird outlier because I never get good seats (it’s always lawn) and because everyone seems to be with a bunch of people and I don’t want to gate crash.  Phish fans are pretty friendly but can also be a bit much, so it’s risky to tie yourself to a group for an evening.

The Mann is a pain in the ass to get to for me, but their new policy of free parking s a godsend.  I arrived in plenty of time to get a poster (outset the venue) and to get it back to my car and then to get a spot mid lawn as the guys came out an started an acapella “wawawawawah” which was a little odd until Trey started singing “Ground control to Major Tom.”  Yes, an acapella “Space Oddity.”  It was insane and wonderful.  I love that Trey did the guitar soo with his mouth and while I’m usually cranky when people sing over the band (especially the a capella songs, it was hard not to sing along to this classic sing along song).

The guys moved to their instruments and Paige played the opening narration to “Martian Monster” with the repeated samples of “Your trip is short.”  I’ve only heard this once before and it’s a fun groove.  After a brief pause, Mike started the bass vocal intro to “Halley’s Comet.”  I’ve also only seen this live once before.  It’s an old song that I know well and that’s a crowd favorite.  The regular parts of the song were a little clunky but the jamming was really smooth.  It mellowed out nicely and stretched out to over 17 minutes of trippy chill out.

As the song ended Trey played a riff that sounded familiar, but I think it was wrong…  “Stash” played on the wrong fret, perhaps.  [As the reviewer for “Live for Live Music put it: “Trey had a touch of cheesesteak fingers for chunks of the composed section of “Stash”, briefly bringing the energy down for the initial drop into the jam.”]  But it was almost like a segue into the song proper.  And man was I psyched because this was my first ever live Stash, a song that I love–the guitar line is just so lovely (boy is it a shame he flubbed it so badly later in song).  But it was still fun to clap and sing along to.  Paige was also throwing in cow sounds throughout the show which was fun. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: August 15, 2021] Phish

I got home at an absurdly late hour on Sunday morning and then spent a day prepping to head right back down to Atlantic City for night 2 (for me).  There was the threat of rain, but it held off until after the show.

Having already been to this venue I had a better feel for where I wanted to stand.  I also thought that the sound was a lot worse tonight.  Possibly because the wind was blowing off the ocean–maybe causing some of the sound to get lost.  Or, and this seems more likely, I was standing a little further away and I think the sound was echoing off some of the other buildings in a different way. Whatever the case, Trey’s guitar seemed to come and go for me.  But I haven’t heard anyone else say anything, so it must have been where I was standing.

Nevertheless, it was a great set with some wonderful deep cuts for me to check off.  I may not have checked off a ton of songs from my “gotta see list,” but in the two shows, they played 18 songs I hadn’t seen live before.  That’s pretty wild. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: August 14, 2021] Phish

Atlantic City is not a convenient location for me–2 hours at best.  And yet when Phish announced a three night residency on the back in 2020, I jumped at the tickets.  Unsurprisingly, the show was postponed to 2021.  I thought it might get postponed again as COVID cases started rising, but they plugged along and played an amazing three night miniseries.

I had intended to go Saturday and Sunday, then something came up and I considered switching my Saturday to Friday.  And while Saturday was great, Friday had several songs on my “gotta see live” list as well as a Fish vacuum solo!  I can’t believe they did that on the first night.

However, the second night proved to be pretty great.  If for no other reason than I got to stand in the Atlantic Ocean and watch Phish play.  There was a lifeguard who made sure people didn’t go out too deep (thankless job!) but I was at least knee deep from some of the show.  I was also quite far away from the 36,000 (!) people who apparently attended.

I’m guessing Phish fans are smart enough to get vaccinated (no proof was required at our show).  I masked up, but few others did. But as far as I can tell, it was not a superspreader event at all.  I did venture into the middle of the crowd a few times (masked and no where near the dense pit), but mostly I stayed in the water.

They started out with “Llama.”  “Llama” was a song I hadn’t seen live before, so auspicious start.  Then I realized they were playing it differently–a slow “Llama.”  It’s hard enough tryin to keep track of songs you need to hear without them playing different versions of the songs too.  I do love the fast “Llama,” but this slow version was groovy and very cool. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: December 30, 2019] Phish

After last night’s show, I really didn’t have high hopes for knocking out a bunch of songs.  I realize they don’t know what’s on my list, but it sometimes feels like they do and they keep spacing them out to make sure I come back.

For this show I had seats that I bought in the lottery.  I never get good seats in the Phish lottery, but the tickets themselves are very cool–colorful and quite lovely.  But I was up in the 200s for this show.  And once again my row-mates were lame.  Or maybe I’m the lame one.  Whatever the case, this was my first show where I could see the video screen.  The video screen is pretty terrible because the audio and video are out of synch.  However, it did allow me to take a few good pictures of the guys.

Tonight’s trip into the city was much better.  I’d picked a garage in the village, six blocks from Le Poisson Rouge, and this time I knew I’d be able to make the afterparty (Garcia Peoples, Chris Forsyth, Ryley Walker).  I also managed to go into MSG through a different entrance (I really wish I could keep track of which entrances are the best).  I managed to get the shirt that I liked (sold out last night) and get to my seat with ample time to spare.  Let it be known that there is FAR LESS ROOM in the 200s than in the 100s!

But the lights soon dimmed and Trey played the four opening notes that can only mean one thing–“Wilson!”  The very first time I saw Phish, they opened with “Wilson” and it was a wonderful moment.  And sure, I’ve seen it four times, but it is such a great, exciting song live–so much crowd interaction–that I knew it would be a fun night. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: December 29, 2019] Phish

I blew off two of the three Phish shows I had tickets to this summer.  (I really should have gone to that Sunday show).  Camden is such a hassle.

Somehow, I find getting to Madison Square Garden much less of a hassle–which makes literally no sense.  These were my fourth and fifth times seeing them at MSG (compared to two in Camden).  But this MSG trip involved driving into the city ($15 tunnel toll?) and then getting a garage.  And, because I planned to go to an after party at Le Poisson Rouge with Marco Benevento, I decided to park in the village and subway it up.  That’s actually a lot of hassle.

But it was worth it.

This was my eighth Phish show (I could be in double digits by now if I didn’t sell those Camden tickets).

The theory is that the Sunday night of the New Year’s Eve run is always great.  And boy howdy was it. (more…)

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SOUNDTRACK: KASVOT VÄXT-“We Have Come To Outlive Our Brains” (1981/2018).

After reviewing all of the songs that Phish covered from Kasvot Växt, I discovered that a fan uncovered a really good-sounding copy of one of the original songs from the album (which is all but lost) and then posted it online.

Once again I am kind of surprised at how everyone thinks of them as prog, because this song is not all that proggy.

It certainly has an 80’s vibe, as you might expect from something released in 1981 and the Phish cover is remarkably faithful.

The bass sounds great–it’s a really catchy bass line.  I prefer Phish’s vocals, possibly because these are a bit more condensed in an 80s way.  The “I see you in the distance” voice is a bit reedy too.  But the “I’m the glue in your magnet” part is fun and the music is really solid with an almost reggae feel to it.

The end of the song has a pretty wild solo (quite muted) as the rest of the band continues as if ignoring the guitar.

The biggest surprise for me is that this song is in English, when the original album had the Icelandic title of “Við Erum Komin Lever Utover Hjernen.”  Perhaps it was a stab at commercial success?

It was Brandon S. Meyer of Keanu Trees who posted this song.

[READ: January 2, 2019] “A Divine Pat”

The setup of this piece makes it seem like it was presented as a talk (it’s called a Sermon) and it opens with him apparently addressing people, but there’s no indication of to whom he spoke.

But it does cut to the chase in the opening”

It must have seemed some kind of risk to request a sermon from a man once so widely accused of blasphemy.

He talks about the outrage from Monty Python’s Life of Brain but also points out that they never felt the movie was against religion per se, but against the way people practice religion: “an idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it”

After listing the litany of horrible things people have done in the name of religion–all religions–he mentions his own introduction to the church in the 1950s.  He says this turned himself and man of his friends off of religion for twenty years.

But then he starts quoting from people who spoke well of religion. (more…)

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