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[ATTENDED: April 20, 2019] Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. 

This was my first show at the relatively recently opened Met Philly.  I was quite pleased with its location and ease of access.  It’s a few blocks from Union Transfer and, for the time being, anyway, there was ample free on street parking a few blocks away.

I was quite unhappy with a couple of things, though.  The seating was good–I was near the back of the lower section, behind the soundboard.  That was fine (although the bright computer screen of the soundboard did kind of suck (and the engineers could have crouched more when the moved.  The biggest problem with where I was sitting though was the exits.  Like most sections of seats, this was a basic U shape.  You enter in the right upright of the U and then go down to the bottom of the U and then back up the left upright to get to your seats.  The problem is that at the top of the left upright, it is a total dead end.  You can’t go out, but neither can you cut across.  Through almost all of the show, I saw people on my side of the aisle get out of their seat, walk up and then a few seconds later walk back down and then cut in front of everyone in our section.  What kind of crappy layout is that?

This being a mostly middle aged show, the number of people cutting in front of us was staggering.

I imagine other sections do not have this problem, but who knows.

The other problem was with the announcement of the show.

It stated: Doors 6:30 Show: 8:00.  I arrived a few minutes before 8, looking forward to seeing this musician with the great name Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.  As I walked in, he was already playing, so I assumed it took me longer to get in than I realized.  Then he told us thanks and this was his last song.

He clearly went on at 7:30 (usually doors at 6:30 indicates a 7:30 show, but it clearly said 8PM on all materials.  So I got to hear one and a half songs by this musician, which is a real bummer. (more…)

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