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[ATTENDED: October 7, 2022] Fievel is Glaque

Deradoorian was supposed to open this tour with Stereolab.  I hadn’t heard of them, although I have just learned that they are the creation of Angel Deradoorian who was part of Dirty Projectors.  She had to drop off the tour for (unstated) personal reasons.

Her loss is a boon for Fievel is Glaque.

Fievel is Glaque is the duo of American keyboardist Zach Phillips and Belgian singer Ma Clément.  For the show they were a five piece–with guitar, drums and saxophone/flute.

They played a weird jazzy alt rock.  The songs were mostly just over a minute long.  And Clément sang in a French-inflected English that was really quite lovely.  They were practically like the anti-Stereolab.  Like if Stereolab had a younger, brattier cousin.

The audience around me was awful.  Five college girls who were talking loudly, dancing wildly, trying to pick up guys and talking to the band.  I really should have moved.  But I was pretty close.  Poor decision on my part as they annoyed me the whole night.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this strange band with the strange name.  Zach told Post Trash:

Our first saxophonist, Eléonore Kenis, spoke the name in all sincerity in the volleyball court of Parc de Forest in 2018. We badly wanted to change it. Fievel is the mouse of cartoon fame (though neither of us have seen those movies) and “glauque” (rhymes with “oak”) is a French word notable for describing both a pale, bluish green and meaning creepy/sleazy/sordid/sinister. My own post-hoc rationalized interpretation goes something like this: gentrification functionally targets run-down, destitute, “glauque” areas; Fievel is an off-brand, “social realist” Mickey Mouse; accordingly, the name means something like “gentrify Mickey Mouse.” We deeply wish we had a different name but are committed to making this one retrospectively cool.

By the end of their set, I was really digging their weird music.  A little too much saxophone for me, but their guitarist was really good (as the drunken college girls kept shouting at him).  Although when I listened to their studio recordings I didn’t enjoy them quite as much–sounding even more like Stereolab minus the krautrock and adding lite jazz.

Great opening band though.  Worth arriving early for.

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