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SOUNDTRACK: BIG SMOKE-“Clothes” (Moose: The Compilation, 1991).

Back in the 1990s, it was common to buy a compilation or soundtrack or even a band’s album based on one song.  Only to then find that you didn’t really like anything else on it.

Maybe that single sounded like nothing else on the album.  Maybe the movie was almost entirely one genre, but they had that one song that you liked over the credits.  Or maybe the compilation was for something you didn’t know, but a song you really wanted was on it, too.

With streaming music that need not happen anymore.  Except in this case.

I bought this compilation, used, recently exclusively for one song, Rheostatics’ “Woodstuck.”  It’s a goofy song and this is the only place you can get the studio version.  The actual compilation was not well documented, so I didn’t know what the other bands on it might sound like.  It turns out to be a compilation for Ontario based Moose Records which specialized in Rock, Folk, World & Country.  They put out another compilation in 1992 and that’s all I can find out about them.

Big Smoke is NOT the hip hop band Big Smoke.  This song opens with a slinky lead guitar and then a stompin two step.  The song feels country in the music but the vocals are rock.  There’s a cool mysterious menace to the song that I quite like.

Leader singer Steve Woeller has apparently done a lot of things since, although there’s not a lot about him per se.

[READ: July 20, 2019] “Nettles”

Wow, this story went in some unexpected directions.  And it was fantastic.

It begins in the present with the narrator remembering an incident in 1979 when she saw a man eating a ketchup sandwich at a friend’s house.

Then it flashes further back to her childhood.  She lived on a relatively small far that had its own water supply.  Even though they had enough water, her father wanted the well dug deeper.  The well-driller, Mike, brought his son (also Mike) who was about the same age as the narrator.  The Mikes were living in a local hotel while drilling wells in the area.

The narrator and young Mike hung out and played all the time together. They would spend a lot of time down by the river and she tells of a memorable incident where all of the local kids played a “war” with the clay by the river.  It was almost a snowball fight but with weapons made from the clay and mud. The boys were the soldiers and the girls were the nurses.  She was Mike’s nurses and she ensured that he was “healed” by wet leaves which she placed on his forehead and stomach.

They returned home and the adults were shocked by the filth.  Someone comments that they were going to get married someday, but the narrators mother didn’t like that talk. (more…)

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