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sierraThis is another periodical that’s not really a “real” magazine.  Sierra comes free when you join the Sierra Club.  I originally didn’t really look at this magazine much either.  Then one day the cover caught my eye, and I discovered there’s a lot of cool stuff in it.  Not the least of which is that there are some gorgeous photos of landscapes and animals (which the kids love) and there’s a ton of good information for living greener.

The early pages of the magazine have lots of interesting short articles, especially about things (that I suppose you could cynically comment about consumption and the planet) that you can buy.  (Things like cereal or trail bars, or, a personal favorite, straws made out of (virtually) unbreakable glass that you don’t discard).  This is followed by “Hey Mr. Green” a column where you can find out how to live a more green and earth-healthy lifestyle. (more…)

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