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Thanks to your vigorous write-in campaign and your massive texting, I have been accepted as a Featured Blogger on the very cool site Indie Posit.  What is Indie Posit, you may ask.   Well, I’ll let the site speak for itself:

This site is dedicated to creating a community of like-minded, original thinkers who deserve to have an audience, and to creating a hub that will allow others to find us. The intention is not to profit, but simply to express our ideas and creativity.

You can see my entry into Featured-hood here.

I’m genuinely flattered that the folks at Indie Posit felt that I was worthy of joining their ranks.  The site is a wonderful aggregator of cool blogs of all stripes.

I’m already very fond of That’s What She Said, a wonderful pop culture blog and Costa K’s Misc Things which has the subtitle “comics procrastination coffee.  And The Droid You’re Looking For is another great pop culture fest (anyone who loves Lebowski is okay with me).

Doodlemax is a blog similar to my own Daily Doodle (and man is he good).

But I think my favorite of the bunch is Acoustic! Kitty! In her first few posts, she raves on The Weakerthans and Superchunk and gives holy hell to The Tea Party.  Huzzah!

And of course there is Indie Posit’s own blog One Good Minute which on its front page dishes on Dick and Jane and Vampires and Anthrax as a great cover band (very very true).

There are many other interesting blogs there as well, some of which I haven’t had a chance to explore fully yet, but it’s a nice place to visit.

This Featured Blogger thing comes at a slightly awkward time for me.  I was planning on posting shortly that after some two years of posting every day (because of a very lax job), I am now gainfully and productively employed at a new job.  I like the new job tons better, but I also don’t have the luxury of 2 hours of downtime a day (at one point I was 28 posts ahead of myself!).  I am now struggling to get posts up on the day they are due!

But the Indie Posit nudge is all I need to keep going, so, despite our upcoming vacation, I will do my best to leave no days open.

Thanks, Mike, and thanks everyone else for reading.  (Looks like I need to update that blogroll),


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