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[LISTENED TO: July 12, 2015] When You Reach Me

wyrmThis book was read by Cynthia Holloway.

Sarah brought this book home for us to listen to.  It is intended for 9 year-olds and yet I thought the book seemed a bit more YA.  Although the story deals very closely with the real day-to-day exploits of three sixth graders, there s a mystical elements that weaves its way through the story.  It also deals with time travel which is what I thought the kids might have the hardest time grasping (it even hurts my head sometimes).  But I think they got it.

The story is told from the point of view of Miranda (named for the Miranda rights).  She is an only child being raised by a single mother in NYC in the 1970s (I wish the date had been given earlier or more clearly in the story).  I loved the conceit of the book that her mother wants to win $20,000 Pyramid.  And she thinks she has a chance as long as her celebrity isn’t as “dumb as a box of hair.”  As a result, all of the chapter titles are titled the way the pyramid categories would be: Things you lose: things you find: etc.  That was very cool.

Anyhow, Miranda’s mom works hard and has  boyfriend.  There’s no trouble there.  The trouble comes from her best friend Sal.

Sal lives in her building.  Sal’s mom is also a single mom.  The moms met when Miranda moved in and she and Sal have been super close ever since–going to day care together, doing everything they could together.  But lately Sal has been a little distant.  And then once the incident happens, thins change for good. (more…)

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