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[READ: Summer 2021] Sourcery

This story follows up on some of the ideas in Equal Rites.  In that books we learned that the eight son of an eighth son was destined to be a Wizard.  But the eighth son of a Wizard–which shouldn’t happen since Wizards don’t have relations.

But in this story, an excommunicated Wizard (he DID have relations) had a eighth son whom he named Coin.  He wanted to take revenge on the Wizarding world because of how they treated him and what better revenge than to create a Sourcerer.  A Sourcerer generates power rather than using it.

A few years later, Coin goes to Unseen University and overthrows the current Archchancellor Wayzygoose.  (The Archchancellor role becomes more stable in a few books, which is what I remembered).  Coin, being a strong presence and the kind of person who can Set Things Right, is embraced by the Wizards (who are pretty susceptible to this sort of thing).  It turns out that Rincewind (and his Luggage) as well as The Librarian (who is a Wizard that was tuned into an orangutan and does not want to be turned back) were not at the University when this all went down.  So they’re aware that something is suspicious about Coin. (more…)

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