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I had hoped to read a lot of commentary and observations about JR this week as a nice finalization to the summer reading.  But a couple of things happened.  First, we went on vacation, so JR was the furthest thing from my mind.  Second, I had a really hard time finding commentary.

I somehow missed the whole Goodreads discussion—which I read just the other day and enjoyed.  And I also had a really hard time with the LARB tumblr account.  I don’t know if this speaks to tech non-savvy, but man, that’s a hard thing to search.  It took several tries before I noticed the teeny search window at the bottom, and when I finally got it to search what I wanted I found the results less than spectacular.  So I was able to piece together most of Lee’s comments, which I rather liked, but I wish I had been able to read them as we went along (Googling #OccupGaddis only brought that initial tumblr page, which was very frustrating). (more…)

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