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[DIDN’T ATTEND: March 25, 2022] Cavetown / Tessa Violet / Addison Grace

Cavetown has a song called “Lemon Boy” which my daughter introduced me to.  She listened to it a lot, so when Cavetown announced a tour I grabbed a ticket for us in Philly.  I was actually surprised that someone I thought was fairly unknown was playing the Fillmore and not the Foundry, but it turned out that the show sold out in the big venue

Then a few weeks later Grandson announced a show in Philly for the same night.  I knew that my son really wanted to see Grandson.  So I checked and saw that Cavetown was also playing the in New York the night before.  So I grabbed us tickets for that show.

Later I found out that my daughter was going to a party that night.  So we opted not to go.  I was able to sell the tickets for both nights.  I’m curious what the show was like, but I’m sure he’ll be back.

Tessa Violet Williams, previously known as Meekakitty, is an American singer-songwriter, video blogger, actress, music video director, and former model.  She seems to write minimalist, simple catchy pop songs.  A perfect companion to Cavetown I think.

Addison Grace has a similar vibe and, in an interview it says they were inspired by Cavetown.  So that makes sense.

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[ATTENDED: February 1, 2022] Mother Mother

I I had never heard of Mother Mother before a few months ago.  They have been around for over fifteen years, but recently a few songs from their 2008 album blew up on TikTok.  Because I have teenagers, I found out about them second hand.

And I fell in love with the frenetic guitar and lyrics of “Hayloft,” which led me to explore more of their music.

Way back on April 29 of last year, I bought four tickets to this show for me, my kids and a friend.  It seemed like it would never get here.  Then it seemed like it might get cancelled or postponed, but it did go on, although not exactly as planned.

When I bought the tickets, the band was playing The Foundry.  The Foundry is an amazing intimate venue that hold 450 people.  I was super excited that they were there because whenever I’ve seen a band there, I’ve practically gotten to high five them.  So I was a little bummed when in December it was announced that they’d moved the show to TLA.  TLA is bigger (and I usually have a hard time getting there, but it was great tonight).  Of course, this is great for the band, as TLA holds 1,000 people.  And it sold out, so they doubled their attendance.

It also turned out that Mother Mother puts on a BIG show.  Big lights, big sound.  They used the whole stage.  And The Foundry’s stage is like the size of a dining room table, so the show would have been nowhere near as amazing. So good for everyone. (more…)

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[DID NOT ATTEND: April 10, 2020] Dr. Dog: The Last Tour / The Districts / Natalie Prass


I never really got into Dr. Dog but I’ve liked a bunch of their songs over the years.  But I’d always heard they were great live, so I’ve had them on my “gotta see” list.

Back in June, Dr. Dog announced their last tour.

“It is a disturbing thing to read, I’m sure, and trust me, an equally unsettling thing to write, but it’s all good,” they wrote. “It’s important to us that you understand that this is not a break up or anything like that. We don’t know what Dr. Dog will do, we just know it won’t include going on tour, except the tour we’re announcing now, which is going to rule.”

This seemed like the perfect (and only) opportunity to see them.  I tried to get tickets to the TLA show, but it sold out in a minute.  Then I managed to score a ticket to the Fillmore show.  I also found out that The Districts were opening, which was pretty cool. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: NOVEMBER 7, 2021] The Flaming Lips

I have now seen The Flaming Lips six times.  (It’s hard to believe the last time was three years ago).

I love every show, but after each one I think I don’t need to see them again.  Not because they aren’t great live, but because six or even five times is a lot.

But each time I’m delighted to have gone.

Wayne Coyne is such a generous frontman, but with his energy and with his love for everyone there.  Sure, you come out with a fun spectacle, but you also come out feeling loved and appreciated.  Plus, the first two times were over 20 years ago when they were a very different band.

I actually didn’t love American Head as much as other Flaming Lips albums, but these songs translated live very well.  Plus, with The Flaming Lips, you’re getting a lot more than their music.

Unlike most bands, even watching them set up is fun.  Before the band came out to check their gear, Wayne Coyne came out on stage with his latest toy, a bird with a glowing red heart that flew around the audience.  I believe it was remote controlled, but it was hard to see.  He flew it around the audience, and when it crashed, people handed it back so he could do it again.  (He used it in a song a little later, too). (more…)

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[ATTENDED: November 7, 2021] Particle Kid

I have always been delighted yet puzzled by the name Particle Kid (the band created by Willie Nelson’s youngest son Micah (who also plays in his brother Lucas’ band Promise of the Real).  I read recently that the name comes from his father intending to call him the Prodigal Son, but apparently misspoke and called him Particle Kid, which is pretty damn funny.

As is Micah.

Micah was able to use The Lips’ video screen to project images on, which was cool.

The band for this tour was Micah Nelson – Guitar, vocals Aroyn Davis – Bass, vocals Milo Gonzales – Guitar Anthony Logerfo, Drums, vocals.

And they were excellent.  Even though Micah is the main figure of the band, Milo Gonzaes was an amazing guitarist to watch. He could play fast riffs and then alternate with incredible unreal sounds.  And then there was Aroyn Davis, an amazing bass player who was all over the neck playing low and high notes and also using effects pedals to create bizarre wonderful effects. (more…)

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[ATTENDED: March 22, 2020] Thundercat [moved from March 22, 2020]

Thundercat is an amazing bass player (He plays a six string bass).  He also writes some really catchy songs.

His style veers a little too much into R&B for me at times, but there’s something about his overall vibes that surpasses anything.

I really wanted to experience his playing live.  I was bummed that I wound up as far away from the stage as I was because I wanted to see those fingers dominate the bass.

I wasn’t prepared for how amazing his band would be.  They were a trio, with Thundercat in the center of the stage with his giant bass.  On his right was keyboardist Dennis Haam and on his left was drummer Justin Brown.  It wasn’t always clear what Haam was playing and what Thundercat was playing–which just proved how impressive they both were.  But it was totally clear what Brown was playing–dominating the drum kit and most of the stage.

Sometimes I feel that Thundercat’s albums are too poppy for me.  But boy howdy was this concert anything but.  It was like a jazzy, jamming night of excess.  And it was wonderful. (more…)

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[DID NOT ATTEND: October 27, 2021] Arlo Parks

I really enjoyed the songs I’d heard from Arlo Parks’ album.  But apparently I was too late in hearing about her tour.

I’m usually pretty on top of things when tours are announced but this one passed me by entirely and when I finally went to buy a ticket (not all that long after they went on sale, the only tickets left were selling for over $100–forget that).

A friend of mine went and told me that evidently tickets were made available just before the show, but I had long given up on this one. Her album made early everyone’s Best of the Year list so there’s no way she’ll play anywhere as small as The Foundry again.  (more…)

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[DID NOT ATTEND: October 19, 2021] The Mountain Goats

I’ve enjoyed a lot of The Mountain Goats’ music and I’d like to see them live, but their timing always seems to be terrible.

In addition to the several times that the John Darnielle solo show was postponed in Bethlehem, this show was added as part of a new tour following the cancellation of previous dates around the country.

This show happened to line up with two other shows that I wanted to go to that night.

Coincidentally, both of those other shows were cancelled, but by then, it was too late t even think about adding a new show to my week.

So, some day I’ll see them preferably in a place smaller than the Fillmore, as well).

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[ATTENDED: October 13, 2021] Idles

I saw Idles two years ago and the show was amazing.  A raw, raucous punk show with all kinds of slam dancing, crowd surfing (including the band), and shouting.  But also an incredible feeling of warmth and love from the band.

I’m gathering that the band always opens with “Colossus.”  A loud, slow, rumbling repeating bass note from Adam Devonshire shook the whole place.  And then Joe Talbot came out and started singing the slow, quiet introduction.

But the band and the crowd were just waiting in anticipation for the BOOM, when the song took of and the pit started flailing around.

Since I saw them last, they put out a new album, with another one on the way.  The only played one song from the forthcoming album, but they did play a bunch from Ultra Mono.  They sprinkled the songs throughout the set, interspersing classic tracks with the new ones.


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[ATTENDED: October 13, 2021] Gustaf

I had not heard of Gustaf when this show was announced, but when I looked them up, they promised to put on a fun show.  And boy did they ever.

Gustaf is a five-piece from Brooklyn: Guitarist Vram Kherlopian, lead singer Lydia Gammill, bassist Tine Hill, vocalist/percussionist Tarra Thiessen and drummer Melissa Lucciola.  They are a classic old school art-punk band.

They make weird music and they have a lot of fun.  It was a terrific set.

The band was spread out across the stage with guitarist Kherlopian in front of us on the left.  It was fun watching him playing and not playing.  The kind of guitar work that is sparse and punchy.  The other side of the stage had the rhythm section.  Lucciola and Hill were the backbone of the band, keeping things grounded while the rest of the band did their weird things.  Thiessen might have been having the most fun as she played a Chock Full O Nuts Coffee can for percussion and often had her voice manipulated to sound deep and slow. (more…)

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