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[POSTPONED: May 5, 2020] KT Tunstall / Dina Hall [moved to June 28]


I had forgotten about KT Tunstall.  I had her first record and then didn’t realize that she had had a couple of other (big) hits since “Suddenly I See.”

I wasn’t planning on going to this show and then I saw that KT Tunstall headlined a show at World Cafe Live last year.  I listened to it recently and found her enjoyable.

Since all shows have been postponed in some way, I’m not sure why this show was postponed from May to June (was that seriously wishful thinking?).  I see now that she had planned a short Spring equinox tour and Sellersville was the final date of the tour.

I wasn’t going to go to this, but her name has been popping up all over the place.  She’s touring with Hall and Oates this summer and she seems to be doing a lot of local shows as a headliner.  All of this repetition has me thinking I might go see her.  But mostly I’m intrigued by how much her name is going to show up in these posts soon.

Dina Hall is a folksinger from Bethlehem–originally from Sayreville NJ. When she’s with her full band she rocks out a bit more. I’m not sure if this was a solo or a band show.]



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[POSTPONED: March 27, 2020] KT Tunstall / New Reveille [moved to February 12, 2021]


When it was announced that KT Tunstall was going to play SOPAC, my first thought was probably, huh, she’s still around?

Then over the last few months I’ve been seeing more and more about her.  I also feel like her name keeps cropping up in local venues.

After listening to a live show of hers on WXPN, I realized that she’s really good (and released songs I didn’t realize were hers).  I had no intention of going to this show but with all of her shows rescheduled and the new one being moved to next year, this might be a nice show to go to.

New Reveille is an Americana/bluegrass band from North Carolina.  They’ve got banjo, fiddle and a ton of attitude.  While they are definitely in the country vein, I think the bluegrass and the rockingness (they cover The Killers live) makes them a potentially fun live band.  For the three shows in the area, she has three different opening acts.  This one might be the most fun.


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king-dork.jpgSOUNDTRACK: KT TUNSTALL-The Eye to the Telescope (2006).

tunstall.jpgSuch a pleasant album. I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to get this, aside from the fact that it was on virtually every respectable (in my opinion) critics’s 2006 Top Ten list. I don’t think I’d heard any of the songs before (somehow so many of them sounded familiar, and evidently she was everywhere, and yet, I wasn’t sure what she even sounded like). So, I did research, and decided it was worth the purchase. And I was right.

Every song sounds like you’ve heard it before (but in a good way), every song is catchy, and the whole album feels comfortable. There’s nothing even that remarkable about it overall, it’s kind of a heavy folksy style, and KT’s voice is in the range of Joan Osborne without being quite so bluesy or quite so intense (when Joan does that tone). And, yet her voice has good substance, and the songs are all strong. It’s not nearly as esoteric as what I usually listen to, but I can find nothing at all bad to say about this record, except that maybe it could be two songs shorter. It’s also a wholly inappropriate album to tie in with the book below!

[READ: Summer 2006] King Dork.

My wife checked this book out for herself, but I snatched it away before she had a chance to (more…)

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